The Secrets, Sins and Challenges is a book consisting of 5 stories of women who overcame their hurdles from different walk of life. Ms. Kamini Kusum, is the authoress of this novel and I have to admit that she did a decent job. Her writing is not only lucid and succinct but also morally enlightening.

Unlike, the films, the lead protagonists of all these 5 stories are 5 different women. Who, despite all odds and the life’s challenges and twists, didn’t bow down before the social compulsion of our patriarchal society having misogynistic mindset. In a way, all these 5 women are winners in their respective rights.

#1) Brothel to Assembly: The first story was quite interesting. A little girl, Pooja came to Delhi with a big dreams from a rural hinterland of UP. But she faced the biggest brutality of her life in the nation’s capital. Yet she emerged victor and traversed a journey from the narrow lanes of a inhumane brothel to highly prestigious Delhi assembly. How? Well you have to read the story to find out, why and how did she go to brothel and she came out alive from the same then making her way directly to Assembly.

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#2) Love, Corporate and Custody: Avni’s fight was no less strong. In fact, it represented the typical disloyal attitude of some men towards women. Geshna, a young dynamic and educated from Patna, fell in love with a person named Nihal but he never cared for her. Geshna gave up her career to marry Nihal, but the latter’s ostensible behavior kept her in dark. Eventually, one day, Nihal found himself in custody for abetting suicide of another girl. Who was she? Did Geshna find her true love? Read the book to know more.

#3) Sin: This story depicts a perfect balance that no one is inherently wrong neither men nor women. It is eventually the intentions that matter. Harsha, kept her extramarital affairs with a guy who was never committed to this relationship. On the contrary, Harsha’s real husband was decent, handsome and a responsible spouse. He takes more care of Harsha. But one fine day, he came to know that the baby that Harsha was carrying in her womb wasn’t their’s! Can Harsha win back the faith and loyalty of her husband? Read the book to know more.

Secrets, sins and challenges
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#4) The Rave Party Night: Avni loved Jeevak. But Jeevak was addicted to drugs and rave party and creating porn videos of the girls who trust him so much. He explicitly shows fake love with girls to secretly make their videos after sedating them with drugs. One day, Avni became victim. Jeevak was all ready to put some half naked videos and photos of Avni to the pornsite but suddenly Avni played spoilsport. How did Avni save herself from that lecherous person? Well, the story has a surprising end!

#5) Madam Bureaucrat: Shrawani wished to be a Bureaucrat, but zeroing in on UPSC exam requires ample dedication and hardworks. Meanwhile, the turmoil in her own love live and responsibility to nurture her sisters has somewhat dent her ambition. Can he accomplish her dream or continue to live with the shackles of responsibility entrusted on her tender shoulder?

The Final Verdict of Secrets, Sins and Challenges

Well, all stories have abrupt beginning that keeps readers glued to the stories. Also, the unpredictable and surprising ends with a climax make the authoress a sure shot winner.

Cover– **** (4/5)

Plot– ***** (5/5)

Narration– ***** (5/5)