(1) The turbulent strolling of gloomy thoughts,

inside my mind,

as clueless and hopeless as I am,

nothing else to find.


(2) The chase of a great dream

that wasn’t meant to be,

silently, I swallowed the pains of shattered dreams,

with a pinch of sorrow and a touch of humility.



(3) If ever I find a handful of sand and fresh air,

my life will be blessed,

as much as I dreamt it to be.


(4) The maze of life

passing through razor’s edge

no way to find an exit point

a victim as always.


(5) The unfathomable gorge of people’s opinions

has dug a hole inside my heart

with no options left,

turning a blind eye to what they said.


(6) Enough is enough,

deep within inside I exclaimed,

life hasn’t achieved what it aimed for

and I continued to stay a failure as always.

But not anymore,

Let me unravel the potentiality of life’s each door !