Chilling cold breeze,

Listen to me, please.

A look can be deceptive,

While making a heart captive.


Such a ravishing and mesmerizing face,

That only a beautiful dream can chase.

Appears in reality and on reels,

The ecstasy of it – only my lovely heart feels.

She is within my heart and me,

The unspoken feeling – which no one else can see.

It’s true love, infatuation or just a feeling?

Ethereal, soothing and always healing!

The day two hearts meet,

Will witness the mingling of exuberant heart – beats!


Love feels amazing only if you accomplish it,

Or else it remains a life’s unfulfilled wish.

It’s not just a feeling, but a person’s uttermost goal.


Alas, she chose someone else for her life,

I stayed there with a broken heart and disappointed soul!

(The End)