We spend entire day using various gadgets and devices. Mobile, which at one time, was primarily used as a talking device is now being used as a popular multipurpose gadget. It acts as a voice recorder, digital camera, PC and many more.

After spending the usual 8-hour or more at office, we tend to return home tired and rather than enjoying the beautiful real life with our family members and friends, we utilize the rest of our time on internet, social media and mobile.

In the early days, we used to talk to our neighbors and people around us. We used to visit their houses and talk about various stuff. But now when we come home exhausted we find solace in gadgets. Obviously, we are living in a VIRTUAL or Digital WORLD now.

The virtual world is amazing because you have limitless options before you. You can surf the net and get thousands live streaming TV channels and websites before you keeping you abreast of what’s happening across the world from time to time. Such is the magnitude of the virtual world.

Dubious face on real and virtual world

What adds twist to it are the social networking sites. People love doing friendships on social networking sites than in real – it’s contradictory in itself. People hardly spend a minute or two with their known neighbors and relatives yet they discuss for hours together on social media sites with strangers and unknown persons.

Virtual World Has Its Own Benefits

Here, you meet so many people without revealing your actual identity. Similarly, you can instantly block a person who irritates you. Also you can easily avoid replying to a person you don’t want to. It’s only possible on social media. In virtual world, people are real but not their identities. If you openly avoid somebody, then you might be termed as ‘unsocial’ which is completely wrong.

It gives enough opportunities to artists and people who have creative bent of mind. You love singing? Upload your song on youtube and get instant popularity. Be it in the field of singing, dancing, writing or simply cooking, it’s only through internet that you can easily showcase your talents to the world and get recognition for the same. Who knows you might become a superstar with a lot of followers in a day or two!

Spending a Lot of Time with Gadgets Has Its Own Limitations

  • Complete lack of physical movement.
  • Too difficult to understand the reality of people on social media.
  • Cyber crimes on the rise so we must keep our gadgets protected.
  • Staying in front of PCs can create headache and eye ache.
  • It’s a costly affair. Everybody can’t own such sophisticated high-priced gadgets.

In a nutshell, it widens the gap between haves and have-not. Either you have gadget or you don’t. Thus it divides the society in a greater perspective. Whatsoever, virtual world has become an essential component in our daily lives.