Amidst the loud clamor for master blaster’s retirement in the media, somewhere the voice of the fans got chocked from 2011 Cricket World Cup to 2012 Asia Cup spanning over a year. Eventually, On 16th March 2012, Sachin Tendulkar did the unimaginable hitting his 100th century against Bangladesh at Mirpur stadium in Dhaka.

Immediately after the match, which India had unfortunately lost, some demeaned Tendulkar’s innings saying it was slow, and against a weaker opponent and moreover for a defeat cause. But in my opinion, every hundred is important. Scoring from a cipher to 100 is a long journey – media experts and columnists opine their views sitting on armchair – they have no idea how difficult it is to score each of those runs on the ground.

Especially, if you are a batsman then no matter how good you maneuver every ball towards boundary – a good ball can finish you instantly in the middle of your finest knock. Such is the unpredictable nature of cricket. Who knows it better than Tendulkar – he got out 18 times in nineties in his illustrious cricket career.

Media’s Obsession of Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th Ton

Once experts slammed Sachin heavily for not scoring an ODI ton against the Bengal tigers. But when he got that hundred – they threw counter question – what big has he done? No matter how well you do or try something, critics will always criticize you. Same goes with the great Sachin Tendulkar as well. Sachin Tendulkar’s previous best was just 83 against Bangladesh.


Following India’s triumph at 2011 cricket world cup, media fixed their attention to that landmark century. Media was so obsessed with his dream ton that they even started considering 80-90 runs at tough conditions a cakewalk. Sachin Tendulkar hit many fine knocks in 2011-2012 even reaching closer to that three digit magical figure many times, but unfortunately his dream hundred continued to elude him. And media ruthlessly tried to put him down in those difficult times.

Being a diehard fan of the god of cricket, it was just too much for me to swallow his relentless criticisms on television sets. But my faith in him remained intact. I knew it – when the right time would come – Tendulkar will get that unsurpassable 100 too. Like his billion fans from across the globe, I too believed that after his 100th ton Sachin would continue to play for the nation forever ignoring his critics, which he had been doing for the past 23-year. But in November 2013, he hung his boots leaving all his fans in tears.

Why Sachin Tendulkar Did Right By Not Listening to Media or Critics

I personally believe that Sachin Tendulkar can still play a couple of years more. Maybe being a super fan of the master blaster my expectation from him is always more and more and I fail to realize that more than 3 years have already passed since Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement. But age can’t be the only criteria for a sportsperson to retire. However, in the preceding years before Tendulkar’s retirement – his age was a topic of hot discussion in the media.

Sorry media, your harsh words for Sachin Tendulkar didn’t go down well with the god’s avid followers like me. You might have coined the word ‘God’ for the master but the way you built up the hype for his dream hundred and relentlessly bashed him for not accomplishing the same was very disheartening and uncalled for. Those haunting days are still afresh in our minds.

Full Video of Sachin Tendulkar’s Dream 100

A Forever Fan of Master Blaster

Finally, I am concluding this heart-wrenching article with what you still consider the ideal time for Sachin’s retirement – after the 2011 world cup – though I am glad he didn’t succumb to the pressure of media, critics and so called cricket experts. I”m really happy that he took the retirement decision himself and on his own conditions, when he felt it was the right time to announce so.

I also completely ditto with Tendulkar’s thought that “It’s selfish to retire when one’s performance is on the top”. Rather one should continue playing as long as he keeps contributing to the team in whatever manner possible. One’s individual performance and contribution to the team matter more than anything else.

But when a cricketer personally feels that enough is enough, then definitely he can contemplate on retirement. I”m still a big fan of Sachin and continuously get inspired from his worldly wise words and conduct in day to day life.

“Many came and many had gone,

He is the one and only one,

As radiant as ever,

He is the legend forever.

Have you understood – to whose name I mean?

He is the great, the best – Sachin, Sachin and only Sachin”

With these words I am concluding my article. Yes, the day Sachin Tendulkar has retired; I also took retirement from watching cricket again !

Sachin…Sachin..Sachin !


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