Whichever way you perceive it but one thing is sure that life is unpredictable. We can’t always live with happiness only, human life consists of both happiness and sad. Though we cherish each moment of joy but often it becomes extremely suffocating for us to bear an emotional pain which intentionally or unintentionally enters our life.

Let us understand the primary causes of emotional pains that make our life more painful to live with. It could be anything and vary from person to person. But the following issues instantly aggravate our emotional pain.


Rejection: Nobody wants to get rejected in any manner whatsoever. Be it your college exam or job interview or simply marriage proposal, a rejection is always a painful feeling to swallow. But once you get rejected, don’t think about it too long. Simply construe it as second chance the god has given you to succeed.

Guilt: A feeling of guilt always continues to haunt the mind of the perpetrator. It could be anything such as how you betrayed your lover in college life or simply how you failed to give enough attention to your late parents when they needed it the most and so on. Each time, such images of guilt appear inside your mind you will start feeling emotional pain. Guilt once committed is committed and it can’t be rectified so it’s better to start focusing on your forthcoming goals.

Relationship Tangles: These days, relationship issues have emerged out as the major factor that aggravates emotional pain. It is important to tread cautiously when you wish to prolong your relationship. If somehow it didn’t last long then no need to feel depress over it, take it as a slice of life and move on. Two souls, no matter how inherently good or bad they are, might have failed to stay together. It’s alright. Start looking for someone else who can understand you better and appropriately.

Top 5 Easy Ways to Remove Emotional Pains

1) Stay positive all the time. Always believe that whatever happens will happen for the best.

2) Engaging in Philanthropic activities help you see the problems of life more closely and spend your life more meaningfully.

3) Engage in hobby class wholeheartedly and enjoy it. Be it dancing, singing or writing, every creative activity is awesome.

4) Look after your health and busy yourself with yoga, gym and exercise. It not only keeps you fit but makes you a better individual too.

5) Finally, consult a psychologist or counselor if the emotional pain is unbearable to bear any longer.


In a nutshell, we can say that you can’t avoid emotional pain; it is inevitable and may penetrate inside your heart at one point in time or other. The solution is not to avoid it completely instead try to ease your emotional pains by indulging in lots of positive thoughts and hope.