Some say writing is simplest and easiest profession in the world. But until it remains your hobby, you can actually say so. The day you convert your hobby into a profession you realize how difficult the art of writing in reality is. “Easier said than done”, the mere thought of no readers would be reading your stuff and you might end up earning nothing from your writing could make you feel disappointed.

But that innate feeling and ecstasy of writing always exceeds the apprehension that I have about myself or my writing skills. Thankfully, I came a long way and today writing is already a profession to me.


When it comes to blogging or writing, I’m influenced by ‘myself’ and of courses ‘my thoughts’. I have never believed in competition in my entire school and college days. When my friends topped the class while I stood at fifth or sixth position, I never envied them. Also my parents and siblings never forced me to that extent to compete with others. Looking back, I realized that helped me a lot and that’s why I have become today – WRITER –what I always dreamt to be in my childhood.

My biggest competitor is myself and not my friends or anyone else around me. I always raise a bar of standard for myself and try to reach up to there through my writing. Every time, I write I ensure that my present literary stuff is better than the one that I wrote previously. While writing, I never try to influence people using mellifluent words and false opinions. From beginning to end, I stick to what my heart says. I always write what is right in reality. There is no question of writing something in which I don’t believe in.

When it comes to blogging, I completely unleash myself. I don’t care about word limits or errors I just go on and on. For me, blogging is the only platform where I can write without have to worry about what employers want from me. You will see a wide variety of topics on my blogs and I just love writing on those diverse issues intermittently. In fact, I have an opinion on each and every issue concerning humans, globe and living beings, and every time I try to make my viewpoints public I start writing on my blog.

My philosophy is simple, “When I already have a lot of things inside that kept me motivated and influenced why I should look outside to find someone or something to influence me?

This post is a part of the prompt of the week, “I am influenced By” by  The BlogChatter.