“Books are the human’s best friends, but not everyone does friendship with books”!


The above couplet explicitly reveals the relevance of books in our lives. Those who are fortunate love doing friendship with books but disillusioned or the unfortunate ones take books for granted and simply avoid reading books not knowing what a big mistake they are committing.

Books are of utmost importance to us. It paves the way for a nascent mind to bloom and transcend all limits of human thinking. That’s the reason why we have so many great people around us. All these people have been directly or indirectly influenced by books in their lifetime.

Relevance of Book in Online Era

If I were a book, I wish I could erase the words such as hate, hatred, crime, devastation, war, racism, poverty, illiteracy and several other words representing human anguish and misery. But tragically, books don’t have that power to expunge things but it can only infuse or imbibe a sense of rejuvenating zeal and goodness inside all of us. Hence, People must dedicate more attention and time towards learning good and humane things from books.

Times are changing now! People no longer take initiative to read books or printed materials. They wake up and spend the rest of day using smartphones and PC. If that was about to be the fate of books, then Johannes Guttenburg (1398-1468 AD) did a big mistake by ushering in the printing revolution and inventing printing method that eventually gave birth to the concept of compiling printing pages as books!

If I were a book, would have saluted Guttenburg for his effort, but at the same time I request humans to be little more compassionate towards books and other printed stuff they come across. Computers and gadgets make the task of reading much easier but people must not forget their legacy and past. Books have nurtured and shaped the thinking of our forefathers for the last several centuries together. So, books deserve some respect from the generation next. And we must do so.

Bookworms: My Best Buddy

If I were a book I would find solace in bookworms. At least they are fully dependent on me. They live inside books and sustain there by eating pages. They are better than humans! Their lifecycle completes within books.

On the contrary, though I nurture every man and woman in their childhood, teens and youthhood, their memories are so short-lived that they find more pleasure in reading things online than spending a few joyful moments with their path bearer or guide, who gave them the skills to read & write. However, Exceptions are always there. Lots of young and old people find ecstasy at libraries.

Pride of Being a Book

If I were a book I would have been much happier to see people visiting a library to read me. Many of my colleagues would have also been adorning the book shelves – with each book dealing with different subjects and topics!

Enough with human anger, jealousy, wars and miseries, if I were a book I would have been living a happy ideal life while illuminating the lives of billions of people worldwide. Nothing in this world could have been more blissful and blessed than being a book – a world within itself – forever.

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