002If there is an issue that’s continuing to be a “bone of contention” between the United Kingdom and India, then it is the KOHINOOR – diamond. The controversy on Kohinoor’s ownership rages on with no apparent answer for the last 166 years.

The journey of Kohinoor diamond is much interesting. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the real owner of Kohinoor. Nadir Shah’s grandson presented it to the Maharaj in 1800 AD. But after his death, Maharaja Duleep Singh, his son and the last sovereign ruler of Punjab in pre-independent era, lost to British forces in 1850 and had to offer the same to Queen Victoria with no options left.

What the Modi Government Wants?

Since the matter is still pending before the honorable Supreme Court, so government is not willing to speak much on this issue. Solicitor General Ranjit Kumar stated to the apex Court that the Kohinoor diamond was neither “forcibly taken nor stolen” by the British rulers, but given as “gift” to East India Company by Duleep Singh. So India can’t forcefully demand for the jewel.

But sources say that the incumbent NDA government is trying to bring back Kohinoor to India in a cordial manner from the British crown.

The Trail of Kohinoor’s Fascinating Journey

(Image Source: AmaravatiVoice)

How Can India Bring Back Kohinoor?

Nehru government made the first attempt to bring back Kohinoor from the Great Britain. But the British crown rejected the same saying the demand can’t be met. It followed several requests later but UK declined every time.

India can now raise the Kohinoor issue on international forum such as the UN. An International treaty of 1970 ratified by the UN provides enough grounds for India’s claim to Kohinoor.

More than 120 countries have signed this treaty including India and the Great Britain. France and Australia have returned various artifacts to their original country over the last four decades under the same treaty.

Will Pakistan Win the Great Kohinoor Battle?

Many think that Kohinoor issue is between India and Britain, but Pakistan has also an outside chance of getting this coveted diamond from the Great Britain. As per the UN agreement, the country of origin gets the historical object – when Kohinoor was transferred to British crown – Lahore was in the possession of it.

If Britain returns Kohinoor on the basis of that UN treaty then Pakistan might get it!

Why British Won’t Return Kohinoor?

A few years back, David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, stated to media that India’s request on the coveted jewel is impossible to fulfill. Kohinoor is still on display in the British Museum and can’t be removed from there!

Media reports say that the British government feels if India’s request is met then they will also have to fulfill the long-standing demands of Greece and other nations relating to artifacts .

Over the last so many decades, Greece has been vehemently demanding for the return of Elgin marbles (relating to Ancient Athens heritage) from the UK. But British administration is not paying much attention to it. Considering this in mind, Kohinoor’s return to India seems to be a distant dream now!