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Spirituality is something that you can’t define in one word. It varies from persons to persons and also largely depends upon one’s own perspective. Since Childhood we learnt that God is omnipotent and his or her blessings are always there. We believe in the dictum that “Whatever happens, happen for the best and best is always yet to come.” This couplet infuses us with a fresh zeal of energy, self esteem and self belief that one could conquer even the difficult task with a simple belief in oneself and gods. Striving for the better is always a good idea to keep yourself motivated. Always remember that pragmatism and rationalism are the two cornerstones of human thinking that make a person complete.

India, being itself the melting pot of several religions, has always been the fortunate part of my life. In a way it has shaped my opinion on various religions allowing me to know each of them so closely. Celebrating diverse religions with friends and neighbors have always made me feel as a proud Indian I always dreamt to be in my second life as well. It happens only in India – the ecstasy all around on people’s face in times of festivals – depicting a true picture of humanity, fraternity and harmony.

No, this article or blog or memoir doesn’t talk about the religions practiced in India, but it is an attempt to demystify the world of religion in one’s own perspective. Make no mistake, the blog is trying to explore the relationship between a person and religion or religions, he or she believes in. If my readers understand even a part of it in perspective, then I hope my purpose of writing this blog is accomplished per se.

Religion: Meaning, Beliefs and Explanations

In its simple term, religion refers to believing in god and goddess or even many gods (in case of Hinduism) depending upon a person’s faith and personal belief. The universally accepted custom or ritual regarding religions is to pray in front of one’s god or gods (also called meditation or worship) he or she believes in. This is an age-old concept and that’s how we practice our faith.

A cent percent dedication and self inclination towards meditation is also important. If the mind is in rush while meditating then you can’t concentrate on your worship properly. Several people perceive religion as belief in gods and goddess, I also believe in it. Albeit I treat my creative stuff as a form of worship too!

Candidly speaking, the creative stuff – writing for me means is getting connected to the world of spirituality. The writing or an urge to write inside my mind almost comes suddenly like a flash of lightning and is completely original. While writing, I delve myself so deep into the subject that never restrain from speaking my mind and heart out despite being a reserved guy and someone who keep things and thoughts within himself. I consider writing as my divine relationship with gods connecting me to the sphere of spirituality and outer world.

My Divine Relationship: The Journey Goes On

I believe in prayers like billion others do across the globe. Prayers do get answered some time and some time not. But your praying to god matters no matter what you offer to god, it can be a costly ornaments, simple sweets or whatever else you deem fit. It’s a personal opinion, wish and self belief. I personally belief that even 5 or 10 minute of silently standing in front of god and thanking him for everything is something that’s more important. You can do it daily without worrying about anything else. It’s a sort of reinventing yourself mentally and spiritually.

I’m what I’m and very happy about it. My journey to spiritual world via writing goes on. I don’t know whether it will reach the destination or not but as long as it stays on the rational and righteous path, I know that all gods and goddess and their blessings are with me! I never stop from thanking god and goddess for having bestowed me with an ability to write which I love so immensely. I really don’t know how I found my writing as a sole link between me and the cosmic world but I’m immensely satisfied about it.

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