My life sums up in three words, “I Love Writing.” I wrote, write and will continue to do so in the rest of my life. I never knew that what began as my childhood hobby would become my profession in the next two decades.

After years of practice, rejection and lack of confidence, I somehow entered into the world of blogging exactly four years back on advice of an employer (who didn’t give me a chance to write & work there) and the rest is miracle – to be able to do what you like most and transforming your dream into reality is indeed an outstanding achievement. I’m thoroughly enjoying my journey as a writer.

I have an opinion on each and every matter, but nobody pays attention to them. After all who has time to listening to others? I find blogging or writing as the only medium by which you can let the world know about your views and opinion while arguing how the same is different and more appropriate than the rest in the given circumstances.

The Principle of Writing

As a matter of principle, I chose tranquility over chaos. For this very reason, I stick to rationalism and righteousness. Sorry, I can’t choose sides rather I use logic and maintain balance while writing on a particular issue. I also promised it to myself long ago that it’s more difficult to spread positivity than spewing out negativity. But I took the difficult step deciding to spread & disseminate the message of peace and happiness everywhere. No doubt, it will be done bits by bits.

Speaking or writing more about things you love matters most. So rather than bashing things you hate I request every blogger to write more on things that they like and love or on those things in which they are interested in.

And the Journey Goes On….

While writing for so many years, I actually find that many of my articles are still unpublished including this one too ­– that I’m making live for the first time ever on my official blog www.atishhomechowdhury.wordpress.com I wrote it long ago but now I got an opportunity to publish it.

In my write-ups or blogs, I try to speak straight from my heart and will do so forever. From editor’s point of view, some of my articles might be emotional, non-newsy and useless. But I am committed to myself. I really don’t mind what others say or speak about my writing – good or bad. I also don’t swayed away by too much praises or criticism. I write for myself first and then come the readers, publication and others. Honestly speaking, the only reason I write because I immensely love and respect, the art of writing. Here are some other reasons for blogging.

#1: It is only through writing or blogging that I could speak my mind and heart out on any and every issue at any time of the day or night anywhere.

#2:  I can offer my balanced and holistic solution to any crisis engulfing the society, nation or world.

#3: Writing is a form of worship to me and I think many writers think the same.

#4: When I’m writing, I neither miss my friends nor do I feel loneliness. In fact, writing becomes more magical when there is peace and serenity all around.

#5: “Pen is mightier than sword”, taking a leaf out of it I feel everyone should write what they feel. Of course, blogging offers an important platform to demonstrate your writing skills to the world by writing on websites and blog sites.

So, next time you sit to write, just do it. Don’t think about readers or others, once you write something, that is righteous, straight from your heart, the very purpose of your writing gets accomplished!