There are a hundred of sports being played day in and day out across the world. It doesn’t matter which sports are you talking about because each of them directly or indirectly champions the cause of people and mankind as a whole. But there is no Nobel Prize in sports category nor has any sportsperson been ever bestowed with such a coveted honor in the history.

Nobel Prize is currently awarded in six categories including Physics, chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace and Economics. In the beginning, only first five categories were there, but Economics or Economic Science was later included as a Nobel Prize category in 1968.

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Alfred Nobel, the Swedish scientist, is best known for his invention of dynamite that handed him with an unprecedented fame and immense wealth in those days which he later utilized to recognize the contribution of people for greater causes.

In 1901, three years after Alfred Nobel’s death, the Nobel Committee started presenting Nobel awards every year to meritorious individuals and organizations for their extraordinary inventions and research into above-mentioned subjects. As per official records, 870 individuals, and 23 organizations have already received Nobel awards until now.

However, not a single sportsperson or sports body has ever received Nobel Prize until now. Albeit, the beautiful sport of soccer holds distinction to have received a nomination for Nobel Peace Prize in 2001 by Swedish Politician Lars Gustafsson. But Kofi Annan, the then UN secretary General, and the UN, eventually got the joint Nobel Peace Prize for that year.

A Sportsperson is in a League of his Own

Undisputedly, a sport is an only tool that promotes equality, liberty, and fraternity without attaching itself to any particular political ideology. It is for this very reason; people say that Sports unite people irrespective of caste, creed, race or politics since time immemorial.

Players and athletes are the ones who play relentlessly to entertain people while ignoring the risk factors involved in any sports. Their contribution to mankind and international peace is immense. Sport is unique in itself. It can make people happy, sad, angry or even jovial at the same time. Who can forget the sudden demise of the 25-year-old Aussie cricketer Philip Hughes almost a year and a half back? It was highly emotional and an earth shattering accident. Such is the risky nature of sports that a player never knows what will happen to him on the field a moment later, yet he keeps on playing. Such is the spirit, courage, and determination of a player.

Sports Nobel Prize
Prize sports Nobel

The recent case of a world-class F1 racer Michael Schumacher’s accident and his slipping into a coma is heart wrenching too. It’s simply too distressing to witness an ace sportsperson languishing at the hospital bed. Players play to make their nation proud and fans happy. It is their constant urge to virtually building a borderless world that keeps them ahead of others and in a league of their own.

How Sports Bring In Global Peace & Harmony

Though ignored by Nobel Committee for the last 115 years, sports are in constant process to bring in world peace. In the context of Asia, it is well known that how the game of cricket often assumes the role of cricket diplomacy to ease tension between India and Pakistan. Similarly, the game of football compelled warring South Korea and North Korea to send a united national team to participate at the 1991 Junior World Championship in Portugal sans any diplomatic deliberations between them. Even, law getting included on Nobel Prize lists is also widely being discussed.

It was the very essence of sports that united the whole world against racism as prevalent in South Africa during late 70s and 80s era. Cricket fraternity completely boycotted the nation from participating in any international cricket events. The decision was only reversed in the year 1992 when all forms of apartheid were abolished across South Africa, and Nelson Mandela was sworn in as their new president.

It is certainly correct to say that sports bring in all countries together on a single platter at global sporting events such as FIFA, Olympics or the Cricket World Cup for a greater cause of humanity – making them happy, healthy and hale and hearty. Today or tomorrow, the probability of sports getting Nobel awards will find the light of the day because a sport is an only instrument that has the capacity to bind people worldwide with a thread of love, peace, fraternity and happiness.