Human life consists of so many intricacies of emotions and feelings that sometimes it seems too heavy to bear its burden. But life goes on. And it’s definitely not a good idea to keep thinking or mulling over a relationship that didn’t last long or had already lost its sheen.

Friendship, romance and break-up are the three possibilities of any adult relationship that you may have with your partner. But break-up should not be viewed as a defeat, but a new beginning. Now, that the red signal has already been shown from the both sides, it’s absolutely useless to look back and rejoice those moments that you shared together.

Agreed, it was a sweet-sour memory but after break-up, it is of utmost importance to face the brutal realities of life in order to initiate a new beginning with full of opportunities.

Working With Your Ex at Office: Tips and Tricks

If you two are working at the same office after a break up then it’s really a difficult thing to do so, but you can avoid embarrassing situations by following these simple yet powerful tips when maintaining a professional rapport with your ex:

1) Don’t rush to coffee machine when your ex is already standing near it.

2) Whether your ex is senior or junior to you, just keep maintaining a professional relationship and treat him or her like a office colleague not more than that.

3) If your ex tries to bring in back the lost memories that you shared with him or her, then you should deal with the situation strongly making him aware that you don’t like such conversation.

4) You shouldn’t interrupt or question your ex on seeing him or her initiating a new romantic relationship with somebody else.

5) Never try to throw a surprise party for your ex for any reason whatsoever after the break up, as it sounds unethical.

6) Don’t open up about your personal life or problems to other office colleagues as it may badly affect your professional career.

Beginning a New Love Life: The Golden Words 

Obviously, no one would wish to even imagine it in distant possibility that his or her ex is working at the same office where he or she is already employed. But that’s what human life is all about – transforming someone’s wildest nightmare into a reality. Don’t worry too much about it and stay focused on your career goals. It was tragic to get parted but there must have been no remedy left. Keeping this simple thought in mind – proceed with your career goals and let your heart heal on its own.

Finally, when the right time comes, you will certainly meet your most deserving partner who accommodates your feelings and understands you well. Once the new love chapter of your life begins, the scars of your break-up will get erased and glittering images of your new relationship will soon fill up the cobwebs of your heart and mind in a wonderful way.