The New Year 2017 has set in. It’s the time to start things afresh. The success mantra for this year is simple living and doing things in such a good manner that bad won’t come by. Human life is basically a relentless fight about being correct and fighting against all evils that we find all around us.

For your better understanding, I’m herewith summarizing the recipe for a successful life in 26 words each comprising of the first letter of 26 English alphabets. Interestingly, all these words are formed using 26 alphabets of English language.

Ambition: If you are having an ambitious mind then certainly you won’t fear fighting it out against the heavy winds or battling against the odds. It is ultimately your ambition that helps you reach your goals.

Brave: “Fortune favours the brave”. Always remember that the world only salutes the brave deeds in perpetuity. Being brave doesn’t mean you counter or go against the will of all people but you have to accept the world as it is and fearlessly tread into the direction you chose for yourself.

Calm: Being calm and composed is far better than engaging in show-off and belittling others. Instead, you can stay more determined and progress towards you goal to accomplish the same in the near future.

Decent: Why should you stay frustrated in your day to day life when god has brought you to this beautiful world for doing something bigger and better? Be courteous towards others because every person is fighting a battle for his survival.

Effort: There is no shortcut to success. And the only thing that guarantees you of bringing success to your life is the painstaking effort and determination that you put towards accomplishing your goals. Being perfect and excellent all the time might not be in your hands but you can at least put more than cent percent efforts and dedication every time.

Focus: Achieving success is certainly not that much simple as it seems to be. Some time it takes months, years and lifetime to taste a drop of success. Hence staying focussed towards one’s goals is the need of the hour.

Good: Try to be as good as possible. Do maximum help to needy people as much as you can. It gives you a whole new perspective to measure success.

Happy and healthy: Never ignore your health in pursuit of success. You have to stay healthy to ensure that you spend lesser time and money towards doctor and medication. Staying happy is the first step towards staying in good health as it keeps oneself in good spirit and reduces stress as well.

Imagination: People mostly stay busy with their day to day problems and don’t dare to imagine something new and innovative. But imagination is the only tool that develops problem-solving attitude inside people – which is certainly missing in today’s world.

Jolly and Jovial: Happiness begets happiness. Staying jovial and jolly is certainly a good idea to spread smiles all around. At the end of the day, life is not a fairy tale but we can certainly be angels for people all around us.

Kindness: There are no words to describe the joy the you may get after helping and being kind to others. Money doesn’t give you the happiness that you attain by engaging in social activity.

Loyalty: Be it your family, country or your goal; never give up loyalty ever even if things don’t move as per your wish. It helps you getting blessings from all walks of life. You shouldn’t portray it again and again but do everything possible to keep your loyalty intact.

Motivation: It is the secret strength that keeps people work very hard towards their goals. Be it non-monetary factors or monetary factors but motivation is important for everyone.

Nation Building: Every good work that you undertake keeps contributing towards nation building exercise. So keep doing good work for the betterment of the nation and welfare of the people as well.

Optimism: It really makes me sad that why some people constantly see dark clouds only overlooking their dazzling silver lining?. That’s what separates optimism form the negativity all around. Optimism is the first stepping stone towards your goal.

Passion: Which is the single big factor that makes a person successful? Yes, you got it right; it’s the passion that does the magic. So stay passionate towards your target and don’t blink until you achieve the same.

Quiet: Silence is golden world. And it can do lots of magic in your life as well. Staying quite doesn’t mean you are indifferent towards the life that god has bestowed you with, but it actually means that you decide to do something big in your life.

Rational and Reasoning: Don’t believe in everything that you hear or see around. Keep your eyes and ears open to compare and reason which is correct and which is not. World can’t run through emotion and perspective but only by logic and reasoning.

Solace: Peace and solace in life is as much important as oxygen. Do things that bring solace and peace to your life. You can indulge in dance, workout painting, writing or even day-dreaming every day to detoxifying yourself and enjoy the solace within.

Technology: It’s important to be a tech-savvy in the current era of digitalisation. Keep familiarising yourself with new and newer gadgets and devices that have the propensity to change your life for good.

Unique: Life is all about your art and crafts. Every one of us is mortal but we need to keep doing unique things in our lives. For example; you can try bungee jumping or even mountaineering every 1 or two year coming out of your comfort zone.

Virtue: The years in life don’t matter as much as your good deeds do. Feel yourself with good thoughts as much as possible. Do good things out of your virtue and feel the difference.

Wisdom: Though it is rare but you should gather wisdom whenever you come across it. It’s not simply the bookish knowledge that is wisdom but you have to collect it in fragmented form your real-life experiences.

Xylophone: Be like a xylophone the melodious musical instrument produces sweet sound its bars are hit by special hammers. Human life should also be like it that it remains positive and harmonious even in dire circumstances.

Yearning: One thing that makes your journey of life fruitful is your yearning for knowledge.

Zealous: Be in high spirit at every moment of your life. Nobody knows what will happen next so it’s better to enjoy the life to fullest and be zealous towards the initiative that we undertake in our life.

If we add all these 26 ever enchanting words to our life then definitely every New Year of our life we will be happier, prosperous and peaceful. With these words, I resolve to inculcate these words in my 2017 calendar starting today.