There was a lad named John.  He lived in the small town of Winnipeg, Canada with his parents. Being an only child of his parents, most of John’s wishes were fulfilled by them. He was the apple of the eyes of his parents.

A strange incident happened on Xmas day when John met with none other than Santa Claus himself. It was the Christmas Eve and John was most sincere towards decorating holy tree at his home with gifts, balls, stars and toffees. John was only a 5-year-old but he never missed enjoying this festival to fullest. But his long cherished dream of meeting Santa Claus was not getting fulfilled.

This year too, John decorated his Christmas tree with full dedication and sincerity with a hope that Santa Claus would visit his home one day for sure. John went to his friend’s house in the evening to enjoy Christmas Eve. He returned home in the night only to find himself more tired. He skipped the dinner and instead ate half of the pancake that his mother offered him.

Feeling drowsy he went to bed but thoughts of Santa Claus and Jesus Christ kept moving inside his little head. Soon, he fell asleep. The clock strikes exactly 12”0 clock. Everyone in the house was sleeping. There was a pin-drop silence in the house.

But John woke up hearing sound of Christmas Jingles. Just when he was about to realize from where the sound coming from – the calling bell rang. John straightaway went to door and opened it.

What he saw in his front of his eyes was unbelievable. There was an old man in a red wardrobe standing with long beard and a big bag singing Christmas Carols. John was standing shocked and spellbound. Suddenly the old man said;

I’m Santa Claus,

Who is devoted to the cross!

Yes, I’m the children’s Santa,

Who appears on the day of fiesta!

It was dream came true for little John. He instantly realised that Xmas day has already come and the old man was none other than Santa Claus. Excited John couldn’t stop his excitement and exclaimed;

I’m Lucky to see your face,

This is indeed a strange case,

John is my name,

And to see you every Christmas – is my aim.

Santa Claus again used his rhythmic sense saying,

Your rhythm makes me gay,

Take this bag and toys to play,

This bag is full of toffees and toys,

Accept my gift with full of joys.

Santa Claus and John loved each other’s company as the duo shared few precious 30-40 minutes together. During this time Santa told John about the tradition of Christmas celebration across the globe.

But time passed so soon. It was now time for Santa to leave as he would also have to meet million other kids who were eagerly waiting for Santa’s arrival at their doorsteps. Seeing Santa go John started crying, but Santa became emotional too and said in his own inimitable style;

“My dear John, don’t cry,

I will again come to you next year,

When you will become little big to open the door,

Without any fear!

But John couldn’t prevent himself and tears started rolling down his cheeks.  Emotional Santa exclaimed;

“Don’t cry John, don’t cry,

Bye-Bye my little John Bye-bye”

Saying this Santa Claus and his reindeer mingled in the vast blue sky and little john was highly astonished to see it in his own eye.

Next morning, John’s parents were stunned looking at so many gifts and toys near John’s bed. Immediately they asked John how he got those things. Then john explained everything to them but they belittled the same thinking that John’s friends presented him those gifts. They started laughing aloud instead.

But on finding extraordinary shine on the leaves of the Xmas tree, John’s parents ran near to it and found a note saying, I’m here for the last several million years and I will be here as always, but I’ll be invisible to those who don’t believe me or stop believing me after attaining adulthood – Santa Claus ! 

NOTE: This is a completely fictional story and is not NOT related to any one living or dead. All characters in the story are completely imaginary and fictional for entertaining and amusement purpose only! This story is not related to Christmas belief and is not connected in any manner whatsoever to its history!