Marriage doesn’t guarantee you will be together forever. It takes love, respect, understanding, friendship and faith in your relationship to make it last” 

The gist of a successful marriage is all about accommodating each other’s opinions with more space and less interference. Ideally, that’s what a pleasant marital life should be, but that rarely happens.

Marriages often lead to a lot of compromises made either by husband or wife or even the couple together. The societal perceptions add more confusion to it leading to marital discord or even divorce in few cases. Of all issues, earning is probably the most sensitive topic involving any married couple.

Though, it is readily acceptable that husband earns more than his wife, but there is a big hue and cry if the reverse happens. In a country like India, married women going to office is not a big issue these days, but if her salary outnumbers that of her husband then it’s a hot topic.

In many cases, husband goes deeper into the shell of inferiority complex in such cases prompting him to behave irrationally with his wife or even the society as a whole. Misunderstanding, trust deficit and Ego clashes are imminent in such cases when the husband or wife is unable to understand each other’s view point. Society makes it more difficult for women with the typical question who earns more? Woman needs to tackle such questions carefully showing restraint while commenting on her husband’s earning.

Uprooting the Age old Perception 

Slowly but steadily India is changing and so as the stereotyped thoughts. Modern and aristocratic people view it in perspective that astute money management is more necessary rather than finding who earns more. At the end of the day, the married couple has to stay united and strengthen their nuptial knot. A lot of urbane and educated married men explained on the conditions of anonymity that they have actually no regret on earning lesser than their wives. “After all, both of us are equally committed towards our children and future, there is no fuss about it”, said one of them.

It will definitely take some time for this perception battle to come to an end. But for the married couple the golden rule will be to keep having long and candid conversation with each other on frequent basis regarding even the smallest things that are capable of creating communication gap and trust deficit between them.

(Pic Courtesy: http://www.dnaindia.com/)