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The beauty of Indian culture and tradition is incomplete without experiencing the various festivals held in the country. If you wish to know Indian culture more closely, then indulge yourself in the festive mood. It is in this quest we take you to an exciting land of the two of the most happening and mesmerizing cities of India;


Each time you mention Durga Puja, the name of this great metropolitan town crops up. Yes, Kolkata, the city of joy is known for rendition of glorious Bengali tradition and culture. Believe me; it’s absolutely awesome to visit the city during the 10 days of Durga Pujo. You could enjoy and learn a lot more during this trip. Eating Phochka, sightseeing and steamer ride are some of the essential things to do when you are in Kolkata.

Obviously, visiting the scintillating Pujo Pandals and temples will be definitely on the top of your mind, but don’t forget to experience some other fabulous landmarks of Kolkata as well, such as Victoria Memorial, Eden Gardens, Indian Museum, Fort Williams, Birla Planetarium and others.

The last four days of Durga Puja are amazing. Ensure that you reach the pandal on time to offer your “pushpanjali – special offering to god”. Also don’t forget to take bhog or prasada (consisting of rice and sabji) that is offered to the goddess, while coming out of the pandal. Well, when you are at Kolkata always spare some time for the traffic jam – the city is famous for it.

Last but not the least, a trip to Kolkata is incomplete without indulging in some of the city’s mouth watering dishes; Fish, Sandesh, Rasagolla and phochka (pani-puri). If you wish to experience something different then take a Tram ride instead of Taxis to witness the glory of nation’s former capital in front of your eyes.



The magnificence of Mysuru (previously Mysore) beckons one and all. Hugely popular for its cleanliness, the city was once used to be a kingdom of Wodeyar dynasty. The green landscape, cleanliest and wider roads with unpolluted atmosphere make this city a spectacular one.

Just like Kolkata, this ancient city also wears the festive spirit to welcome goddess Durga and bathe in spiritual spirit in the 10-day festival. The city’s iconic Mysore palace shines with colorful lights every evening, offering a picturesque view to each visitor.

The city also organizes various cultural events, musical concerts and dance program during the 10-day dasara festival. Finally, don’t forget to witness the last day of this gala celebration as you see the elephants marching on the streets in traditional costume and jewelry with rhythms of sharp brass bands all around.

Mysuru is often referred to as the cultural capital of South Karnataka because the lifestyle of the city reflects several glimpse of the splendid Kannada culture. Mysore painting, Mysore Silk saree and Mysore petha (sweet dish) are a few of the trademark products belonging to the city. Some of the major tourist attractions of the place include Mysore palace, Mysore zoo, Lalitha Mahal, Chamundeshwari temple, Folklore Museum Mysore and others.