Bollywood Actress Amrita Rao offering puja at Ganesh Temple in Mumbai

“मुंबई मधे आपला स्वागत” !!

One city that fascinated me since childhood is Mumbai. The metropolis got its name from Mumbadevi, a Hindu goddess, whose temple is located here since ancient times. As the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi or Ganesh Utsava is set to transcend Maharashtra with the festive spirit, the people living outside the state will certainly miss the occasion and the dynamic environment out there.

The festive season in Mumbai starts with Ganesh Chaturthi just like the rest of the country as well. With many other festivals lined up in the next two months, the city bathes in glowing lights and cheerful spirits. The best time to visit the city is during Ganesh Chaturthi as you witness the city dons a festive look with lots of positivity all around. Other festivals including Navratra, Diwali, Christamas, Eid and New Year are also celebrated here in an awe-inspiring manner making it the most preferred and ideal destination of India.

Mumbai has everything under its pocket, from being an economic powerhouse of India to its glorious landscape and rendition of awe-inspiring Marathi traditions and culture. The city amazes you at every walk of life. A sojourn in Mumbai is incomplete without having a ride on local trains. It is the cheapest and fastest mode of transport that connects one far-away-location of the city to another.

The Iconic Marine Drive of Mumbai

Mumbai Magic 

Considered as the financial capital of India, the city offers plethora of job opportunities to one and all. It is often said that if you have talents then Mumbai has a job for you. Many people arrive here with big dreams from all parts of the globe. Whether you wish to be an engineer, actor, academician or a successful writer, Mumbai is undoubtedly the best place to live your dreams.

From a glittering world of Bollywood to appalling life of unfortunate peoples at Dharavi, the metropolis keeps fighting against all odds from time to time. One who is already familiarized with the hardships of Mumbai will never leave the city. Because by then you would become a true champion like the Mumbaikars who love to face challenge and emerge winners.

The astute time-management, the art at which dabbawalas are the masters, often invite global attention and debates. From top notch B-schools to the likes of Harvard and other reputed management institutes, everyone is intrigued and swayed by dabbawala’s modus-operandi. They prepare and distribute lunch boxes to a million office-goers on time without fail on almost daily basis!


Marathi is the most widely spoken language in Mumbai and Maharashtra followed by Hindi and English. Mumbai, the cosmopolitan city, is known for its vibrant culture and traditions. You might miss out delving deeper into the spectacular Marathi culture and literary works unless you know Marathi. It is indeed a sweet language to learn and communicate with each other.

But Language is certainly not the barrier when you land here. The city speaks the language of love that is easily understood by the people worldwide. Undoubtedly, Mumbai is the India’s most populous city and 9th overall in the world for its stunning appeal and spectacular lifestyle. The arrival of a large number of visitors in Mumbai each year justifies the fact that the city is truly awesome and beckons people from all sections of the society. If you wish to live your life to the fullest. then Mumbai is the best. It offers you a life with a blend of thousand problems but millions of happiness and blessings as well.

Saluting Mumbai

You may have several problems here, but living in Mumbai is a wonderful feeling. Whether you talk about the water-logged streets during monsoon or even the scorching heat waves during summer, Mumbai never rests nor does it sleeps during the night either. This is the spirit of Mumbai. You will never find a dull moment here at any time of the year.

The delicious velpuri and vadapav are the part of Mumbai culture that drives everyone crazy for their unbelievable taste. Finally, if you are visiting the city in summer then don’t miss to gorge in extremely delicious baraf-ka-gola often touted as the desi ice-cream. It tastes amazing and you will always remember its taste forever.

Eventually, the enigma of Mumbai continues and so as the Arabian Sea flows on.