The educational scenario in Bihar may soon get a complete makeover. Thanks to Professor Anand Kumar and Takanobu Tanaka, who joined hands together to help the poor students of Bihar by improving the quality of primary education all across the state. Tanaka is currently working with Ricoh, the Japanese multinational company.

Anand Kumar, who helped a lot of underprivileged students fulfilling their IIT dreams, has recently met the Ricoh official to create a blueprint for the said program. The duo aims to create a necessary educational infrastructure in the realm of primary education in Bihar. The project will be implemented under UNDP (United Nations Development Programs) throughout the state.

Tanaka is very optimistic about the said project. Recently he spoke to a Japanese media house and shared his enthusiasm about it. He was also in full praise for Anand Kumar. The 42-year-old mathematician is globally famous for his Super 30 program in Bihar. It is based on the unique concept of selecting only top 30 intelligent students from weaker economic background and providing them with the necessary training and skills to clear the prestigious IIT-JEE entrance exams.

Anand Kumar went to Tokyo last year for an official function at the Tokyo University. The event explored opportunities and challenges in regard to the educational cooperation between India and Japan. He is happy that a developed nation such as Japan has come forward to help revamping the primary education scenario in Bihar.

The plight of education in Bihar is definitely not bright. A certain level of educational infrastructure is necessary to bring forth a positive educational environment in the state. If Bihar as a state has to shine, then it has to adopt some innovative strategies in educational programs. Anand-Tanaka project is being viewed in the same manner.