“Writing, to me, is what oxygen to life” ~ Anonymous

This simple dictum depicts how much a writer’s life is all about writing. When a person decides to make his future in writing, then he needs to keep writing a lot. Writing as a career might be a precarious one, but not for a person who has already decided to carve a niche for himself in the world of creativity. Unlike any other profession, it is highly volatile when it comes to earning. You can’t assume your future payment unless the book is liked by the readers.

A writer has to dedicate a huge amount of time to writing a book. So a single book can make an author hero and at the same book if the book remain unpublished or doesn’t liked by the readers, then it can make him a zero too. It is purely a creative area where interest and passion matters much more than name and fame.

Is There Any Specific Qualification Needed To Become a Successful Writer?

Honestly, an education degree has nothing to do with the success of a writer. The great English writer William Shakespeare had no formal educational qualification. Similarly India’s greatest poet and Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore had never gone to college either. A professional qualification may or may not make you a good writer, but a good sense of Imagination does. It is considered to be an important prerequisite criterion for those aspiring to enter into the world of words.

Writing is a creative art that comes from within. It is not something that could easily be learnt overnight or by pursuing a certain course. Most of the famous writers have themselves never went to big and costly institutes in their lifetime. Patience and perseverance is the key to make a successful career in writing. Rejection is something that every writer has to face in his life. But a successful writer is one who keeps writing irrespective of numerous rejections that he may face while fulfilling his ambition to become a successful writer.

Is Writing a Magical Career to Pursue?


Thomas More’s Utopia successfully demonstrated how an effective form of governance could be implemented deeper inside a sea. In other words, it explained an ideal way of administering a society with lesser or no complications. Now the term ‘Utopian’ is often used to show something which is impractical in real circumstances. Such is the magical and enchanting power of writers. Their imagination can take us anywhere.

There is no shortcut or ready-made path to get overnight fame in writing. People entering this field must understand that it is more of a self entrepreneurship than a regular job. The real purpose of writing is definitely the creative satisfaction and nothing else.

Every writer lives in his or her own world of books, imagination and creativity. You can’t expect becoming a millionaire by writing, but you could eventually be luckier enough to carve a place for yourself inside the hearts of a billion people.