Amrita HD

“Your looks cannot change your personality for you, but your Personality can certainly change your looks” -Amrita Rao

The above phrase was coined by Amrita Rao when she was a little girl in school and it was when her philosophy teacher asked the class to define beauty! While other girls of her age gave regular answers Amrita stunned the teacher with such a profound expression!


Being a part of the glamour industry Amrita has chosen not to be blinded by the arch lights of Showbizz and is rooted and simple. Today her greatest Victory is that she has yet preserved the innocence on her face which she had from her very 1st film!


…a rare pure innocence that we see missing on the faces of most of her contemporary actresses!

In fact Amrita embodies the charm and innocence of the yester year’s leading ladies. She reminds us of Actresses like Nutan ji &  Madhu bala. No wonder Miss Rao is a self confessed Fan of the ”GOLDEN ERA” of Hindi Cinema.


Amrita has chosen not to ape other actresses of her generation and has maintained her comfort level and her unique style with her value systems in tact! This reflects in her choice of Films, sense of dressing and of course the dignity with which she has conducted herself in the film industry within the test of time!


Today every girl next door believes that if Amrita Rao could maintain her comfort level and homely values and yet have a striking career in the Film Industry than SO CAN THEY! This reputation of Miss Rao is something not any actress can have. She had earned it indeed!

Amrita said in an interview recently that “I have refused more films than signed them in my career. For me my comfort level is sacred and the quality of people whom I work with is prime…In the attempt of making my Career, the world’s idea of Perfect I do not want to loose myself!’



And we wish to walk your ideals on our respective career paths too! Amrita Rao’s Upcoming Projects- At the moment we gather that Miss Rao is juggling with 3 offers which are all very prestigious and Big. All scheduled for the beginning of Next Year. We have also heard from her latest interview that 2015 is going be an action packed year for Madam Rao and she may have no time to chill AT ALL!

Can’t Wait to Watch More Of Our Angel !!!!