The beautiful Bollywood actress Amrita Rao has suddenly transformed herself into a classy new Fashionista in the last few years. Amrita Rao’s very simple sense of dressing has emerged to be an inspiration for many other actresses and girls alike. Amrita Rao is in the Bollywood film industry for over a decade, yet the petite beauty continues to look as splendid as ever. The actress has gone through many ups and downs in her filmy career, but she has never been short of hope even during tough times.

The Actress has really been extremely choosy when it comes to opting for any film. She has categorically said that she will not do any role for the sake of doing the film. She always prefers to do films that touch her heart and gives creative satisfaction as well. The actress is now looking forward to some meaningful roles to exhibit her talents. If some news reports in the page three are to be believed, than the starlet will soon feature in an action-packed film.

Today, she is being viewed as a role model by her fans for her impeccable sense of dressing and sweet demeanor. She has a massive amount of both male and female fan following from all over the world. Undoubtedly Amrita Rao is the numero uno youth icon for them. Nevertheless, she has been successfully living up to their expectations as well. It is quite common that fans love celebrities, but the affection, love and respect that fans have for Amrita is just unlimited. In fact the actress is the heartbeats for her fans.


The lovely girl’s affection for traditional dresses is not new, but she doesn’t hesitate to wear dresses of other genres either. Now, wherever Amrita goes, her out of the box dressing style becomes the talk of the page-3 in a much more positive manner. Amrita Rao is definitely the classiest Fashionista in the Bollywood. Amrita Rao believes in retaining originality and not copying what someone else is doing. This is what separates Amrita from the rest.

Amrita on her part is doing pretty well to justify herself as an undisputed fashion diva in the tinsel town. The last couple of years saw the actress sticking to more stylish dresses belonging to both Indian and foreign couture. This year she has participated in a number of fashion events and each time shutterbugs were quite surprised at her appearances.

Amrita Rao had often been asked that what fashion meant to her and apt came the reply “Fashion is what makes you feel comfortable, it is not something that you should copy because someone else is wearing that outfit. She has also cautioned that women must choose outfits that suit their figure; some dresses might look good on mannequins but not on a real body.

Actress Amrita Rao during a promotional event in in Bhopal on Oct.27, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

Anarkali suits’ popularity in these days hugely owes to Amrita Rao’s styling because the pretty and blissful actress has been overtly pouring her love for this traditional outfit again and again. Actress definitely deserves some adulation for bringing the craze of Anarkali suits back to India in the current time. The actress is often spotted wearing this elegant outfit at many events in the recent past. This is quintessentially an attire of Indian genre being worn from the royal Moghul days by queens and princess.

The actress looks extremely beautiful even without any makeup. She often appears in the media with a minimal make up, yet Amrita looks very beautiful and fine. She picks her outfit and make up as per the theme of the event. In one of her recent events with the Pratham (A Non Governmental Organisation) she wore a simple white top and colorful trouser. Nonetheless, her makeup was very simple too.

Actor Amrita Rao with children during her visit to Pratham NGO in Mumbai on Thursday, June 19, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Few days back, she again participated in an event to celebrate Diwali (An Indian festival) with the needy kids. The event was organized by the Smile foundation, an NGO that promote education for a girl child. The actress once again showed her altruistic behavior as she graced the event to bring some smiles on the faces of the underprivileged kids in Mumbai. In both these events she looked as radiant as ever.

Truly speaking, if there is an angel in the world, then it is Amrita Rao only. She is perfect from every point of view. She has a very beautiful face, lovely smile, enchanting style, but most important of all, she is a beautiful human being from inside and got a loving and kind heart as well. It is certain that the actress will continue to mesmerize and inspire millions in the future too.


Amrita Rao’s Makeup Kit

  1. A powder compact
  2. Eyeliner
  3. Lip Pencil
  4. A lipstick
  5. Blush on
  6. Kajal or Kohl
  7. A mirror

Amrita Rao’s Favorite Five

  1. Color: Pink and White
  2. Wardrobe: A top and a denim also Anarkali suits
  3. Designer: SVA by Sonam and Paras Modi
  4. Hair Style: She keeps changing it frequently
  5. Branded hand Bag: “Michael Kors and Valentino”

(Compiled by: Atish Home Chowdhury)

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