Former WWE heavyweight champion John Cena has indicated that the ‘Rattlsnake – Stone cold Steve Austin’ could make a surprise visit to WWE in the near future. John Cena was interacting with the Malaysian media when a journo hurled a question about the latest rumor surrounding Austin’s possible return to WWE arena one more time.

When Cena was asked about his possible clash at next year’s Pay-Per-View Wrestlemania-31, he did not rule out facing Stone Cold. The 15 time WWE champion has also defeated the WWE legends like Rock and undertaker in his professional wrestling career. In recent time, the champion athlete has failed to get his WWE belt back from the beast – Brock Lesnar due to Seth Rollin’s interference at a title clash held in last month’s WWE special event.

WWE superstars like Cena, Miz, Bray Wyatt and Sheamus are on 2-day official tour to Malaysia to promote professional wrestling at this part of south Asia. This program is called WWE Live. Malaysia convention and exhibition Bureau, an agency under the Tourism and culture Ministry is supporting the event.

Cena’s nod to possible return of Austin has created frenzy among WWE fans. The WWE authority is neither confirming the rumor nor are they denying it. Steve Austin’s silence into the matter is creating more doubts. WWE universe is impatiently waiting for a surprise come back of Austin into the WWE ring.

John Cena’s latest interview is viewed with full optimism by WWE fans. During the interview, John Cena has gone on to record saying Stone Cold’s return to WWE is imminent. He further said that the Stone Cold is in a great shape and could still surprise anyone with his trademark stone cold stunner.

Austin left the WWE ring long ago but he often graces the ring. Last time he visited WWE arena at the Wrestlingmania-XXX, Pay-Per-View event held last year. At that time he was well accompanied by a group of other senior WWE legends like the Rock, Hulk Hogan and Mick Foley.

Stone Cold has served as General Manager of RAW for short stint in the past. Now it would be interesting to see whether his return to WWE this time, will be as a wrestler or administrator. Either way, fans will love it. It would be absolutely relishing for fans to see Steve Austin live every week on RAW and Smack Down.

John Cena speaking to Media
John Cena speaking to Media

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