A group of former international cricketers set a new record when they played the game at the top of a Mountain Kilimanjaro. Unbelievable it may sound but the event was graced by few famous players too. The former South African fast bowler Mkhya Ntini along with England’s top class spinner Ashley Giles had participated in the event. The game was about to finish but dark cloud stopped the play. Eventually the game was abandoned but until then the world record was already established. It was a 10-10 over match. The cricketers did suffer minor suffocation problem because of the high altitude of the mountain. Higher height made it difficult for the cricketers to run and breathe as usual. However the brave cricketers did manage to overcome these problems as they were determined enough to enjoy the game. It was not very long ago that women cricketers did the unimaginable at Everest base camp in Nepal. In 2009 a group of adventurous women cricketers participated at a cricket match held in the top of Mount Everest. All for a charity SA

The painstaking efforts of these cricketers were basically meant for the purpose of bringing smiles on the faces of people. Yes, these cricketers played at such difficult condition to raise funds. It was a charitable event. This exhibition match was played for number of benevolent causes. A part of raised fund will largely help the Rwanda cricket board to prepare the nation’s first international cricket pitch. The country has a lot of cricket fans but due to lack of cricket infrastructure, this African country couldn’t promote the sport. The fund raised from the event will also help in cancer research in Africa. The Dark Continent Africa has always been subjected to health problems. Recently the outbreak of Ebola virus in African nations has resulted in massive casualty. Former cricketers want to contribute towards building a healthy Africa. Finally this heartening match at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro was played to save the environment. A portion of the raised funds will go into the treasury of ‘conservation charity trust tusk’. The trust works to stop rampant poaching of elephants and other animals in Africa. The excitement galore There were few spectators at the match too. They just couldn’t stop themselves from witnessing their idols live including the legendary English spinner Ashley Giles.

The legend was seemed to fully enjoying the game. The official twitter account of this super cricketer has stated that he loved doing this for the sake of charity. He also asked his fans to contribute for the noble initiative. Even before climbing the top, Giles seemed very happy about it. Fans termed the event as a once in a life opportunity and didn’t mind trekking the hill to witness the game. The participants along with fans have contributed generously to this charitable cause. The brighter side of the event Playing cricket at its summit of Mount Kilimanjaro was not easy. Cricketers used plastic turf, stumps, bats and balls at the match. Official umpires were also present. The level of oxygen was almost half. Participants had risks of falling to mountain sickness and choking of brain and lungs.

However the event was a happy ending for all. Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania. The nation is a neighbour to the politically volatile Rwanda. If media reports are to be believed then the event will have a greater impact on the lives of Rwanda’s populace. The nation has witnessed worst sort of human rights violation and massive genocide a couple of decades back. It is expected that cricket will play a major role to unite the nation and bring peace to this part of the world.

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