I am a fan of WWE since my childhood. I saw Bill Goldberg for the first time on WWE Raw in 2003. I was completely awestruck by his charisma at WWE in his debut. Rock was continuing to provoke the Goldberg and eventually he was speared by this legend inside the ring. This has won my heart for sure.

Later I have found about his inspirational undefeated streak at WCW. It has truly mesmerised millions of fans worldwide including me. He stayed invincible at more than hundreds of his fights. Bill Goldberg’s undefeated streak has come to an end at the hand of Kevin Nash.

Goldberg is a versatile person. He has been a successful football player, wrestler, athlete, animal lover and a proud father as well. It can be emphatically said that each time you mention a person with best versatile ability, then Goldberg will top that chart.

A heart of gold

Goldberg is a wonderful human being. World knows him more as a powerful wrestler but he diligently does his duties in other fields of life too. How can you forget his immense contribution towards raising awareness of the people about illegal animal fighting? In recent past, he has addressed the US congress in order to bring this issue to the spotlight.

Goldberg also participates at many charitable and exhibition matches to raise funds for the welfare of cancer patients. He regularly plays at Jimmy V Golf Classic for charitable purposes. Hats off to this legend, you well deserve it.

Different side of the ring 

I saw Goldberg mostly at WWE fights where he gave some of the finest performances.  He won most of his matches with his strength and indomitable powers. His spectacular career saw only a very few defeats. He has lost only five singles matches throughout his career. If you go by the statistics then he has lost only to Triple H, Booker T, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash and Bret hart in his entire wrestling career. Goldberg always believes in fair play and he followed it too. But his opponents have often used unfair means to win their fights against him.

Most of the famous wrestlers have got defeated by Goldberg either at WCW or during his short stint at WWE. The likes of Rock, Brock Lesnar, Kane and others seem too lesser in status in front of Goldberg. They all had used unfair means to win fights in their career but Goldberg is different. He won all his fights free and fair.

 An inspirational personality 

The enigma of Goldberg is still continuing. He might not be wrestling anymore but he is a renowned TV personality now. Each time I see him on TV I get thoroughly amazed at his perfection. His performances at Hollywood films like Kill Speed, Half Past Dead 2, The Longest Yard and others were really brilliant. You would not mind watching these films again and again.

 When Goldberg talks the world listen. Every time I hear his interview, he motivates me a lot. In one of his interview he said that “a desire to excel often reaches far deeper then monetary”. This quote has completely changed my mind. Now I have realized that the real success of a person comes when his performance started yielding him more than monetary satisfaction.

 I can conclude here with a quote from Goldberg that “You have to have a passion for it. You have to have the desire to be the best at it. Apply a hundred percent of yourself to whatever it is. Not necessarily that you succeed. But so that you can look at the mirror and be proud of who you are because it is not about winning or losing—it’s about giving your best.” I believe in it.

 Speaking it from the core of my heart that Bill Goldberg is the best WWE Superstar, I have ever seen in my lifetime. He is a massive source of inspiration in my life. Thank You, Goldberg.