The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) of Australia, world’s largest coral reef system, currently stands on the verge of danger zone, as its existence is being heavily threatened due to continuous man-made destruction of the natural eco-system of the area and followed with the government of Australia’s apathy into the matter.

Repeated threat of the UNESCO to categorize it into the danger list of World Heritage Site has caused huge embarrassment to the Australian Government globally, as the said authority failed to check the continued deterioration of this world heritage site. GBR was granted World Heritage Site status by the UNESCO in the year 1981 and within the next three decades, the reef stands at its high alarming level. 

The Australian Senate has suddenly woken up now to analyze the reasons behind GBR’s current dangers and the corrective measures needed to be sought in this regard. Recently a group of Australian senators had gone to Queensland to see if all is well with the Reef. 

Australian politician and Queensland Environment minister Andrew Powell’s repeated effort to speak to the world that everything is Hunky-Dory with the GBR has taken a backseat in recent days. The latest findings of the ecological experts have raised several issues before the Australian Senate demanding some immediate actions.


 The researchers into the subject matter had stated to the Australian Senate that the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef is already in its dangerous stage and things may become out of control unless some urgent actions are taken at the earliest. The ecologists had further cautioned that it has become almost an emergency now to stop dredging and dumping sediment along the coast of Queensland or else the lives of marine population will be at stake inside the Coral Sea. 

The frequent dumping of coal dust near the shore of Coral Sea has seriously been affecting the lives of aquatic fish, animals and other beings. The coal dust has now exceeded the level of toxic elements near the shore. This adds toxic substance into the sea which only further worsens the case. 

Experts are asking the Queensland authority to immediately cancel any such project that involves dredging in that area. If the October 2012 study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is to be believed then the Great Barrier Reef of Australia has lost more than half of its coral cover over the last three decades. The Climate change, Coral bleaching, dredging, and dumping of coal dust along the shore of the Coral Sea are the reasons behind the non-stop decline in the natural ecological beauty and charm of the GBR.

The diminishing beauty of the GBR is a very sensitive issue for the native peoples of Australia. The GBR holds a special relevance for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples. This reef forms an essential part of the cultures and spirituality of these native peoples.

The federal Government of Australia needs to seriously look into this matter and take some corrective measures while ensuring that the quintessential elements of the GBR will stay intact. Any delay may heavily aggravate the sentiments of ecologists and aboriginal peoples alike.

Considered to be one of the seven wonders of the natural world and even larger than the height of the Great Wall of China, the GBR suffers from variety of ecological threats in recent times that include both natural and man-made factors as well.

Definitely, natural factors such as Climate Change, floods and cyclones do badly affect the GBR and nothing can be done to prevent them yet the common man-made factors like dumping of coal dust, dredging and pollution can be checked to preserve the essentiality of this world heritage site.

It is not only a world heritage site but also a home to variety of aquatic species as well. GBR represents a perfect ecological spot of biological diversity. The innocent marine lives inside the Coral Sea must not be endangered by human actions. Hope Australia will do the needful.


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