Summer-Slam 2014 will be remembered for more reasons than one. In its first instance the fans of former World Heavy Weight Champion John Cena are heavily disappointed at his defeat in a one-sided fight against the monster Brock Lesnar. 

Secondly, this defeat has also broken the dream of Cena from becoming WWE champion for the 16th time. Currently the record of becoming WWE champion for the most number of times is held by Rick Flair. This legendary athlete had won WWE title for the record 16 times in his glorious career. 

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The Summer Slam-2014 was full house event with cheering for both the superstars; John Cena and his arch rival Brock Lesnar. Whether you like it or not you have to accept enormous powers of Brock. He might not talk a lot or make much contact with his fans yet this superstar believes in winning the battles where it matters most. 

At the wrestlemania-30, Brock Lesnar did the unimaginable. He had not only won a WWE clash against the legendary Undertaker but also conquered the streak and paves the way for Undertaker to take indefinite break from WWE.

Brock is a fearless fighter. He cares none not even his fans. He does respect his manager Paul Heyman heavily. Even after more than one decade, relationship between Paul and Brock stays intact. Heyman’s immense admiration for Brock can easily be assessed from the style in which he emphatically declares that “Brock Lesnar is a Paul Heyman guy”. 

When you look at the friendship between Paul and Lesnar, then you have to admit that both guys share tremendous amount of mutual admiration for each other. It was the Paul Heyman who kept Brock in the news and into the minds of WWE spectators, when Brock didn’t participate in WWE fights. 



Although Brock Lesnar plays very less WWE matches these days yet he is usually spotted taking on big players at special events. Last time he made his appearance at WWE Wrestlemania-30 and this time he has participated in Summer Slam event. In both these occasions he had emerged a true victor. This indicates the new beginning of Lesnar’s days at WWE universe. 

Overwhelmed with joys Paul Heyman had immediately informed the world using social media that ‘Brock would now participate in more WWE matches’. Fans will definitely be waiting to see Brock Lesnar and his future competitors in the days ahead. 

There are very few wrestlers at present in WWE who could pose strong challenge to Lesnar. This includes the likes of Roman Reign, Randy Orton, Big Show and off course the John Cena.

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