The WWE superstar and former world heavyweight champion Bill Goldberg has expressed his wish to fight again and make a surprise comeback into the world of wrestling in the near future. In his recent interview to US media, he has displayed his keen interest to wrestle again at WWE against some tough challengers. He had gone onto the extent saying that among the WWE superstars, he definitely wants to fight against the likes of Roman Reign, Triple H (Currently the COO of WWE) and off course the current World heavy Champion – Brock Lesnar. 

The enmity between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg is not new. It goes decade back when these two wrestlers fought against each other and Brock Lesnar was finally defeated by the Goldberg. No doubt, with the Brock Lesnar being crowned as the new WWE champion, the Goldberg has become fully ambitious to take on this Paul Heyman guy immediately once he comes back to WWE vicinity. 

Goldberg’s son wants his dad to fight again and be a champion one more time. It is this desire that has been compelling the WWE superstar to give it a thought of returning to wrestling arena once again. There is nothing that stop Goldberg’s wish to fight again. The 47 years old athlete has not been disappointed either by the fans’ reaction to Part time wrestlers such as Batista, Billy gun and others. According to Goldberg ‘a player is as good as how he performs in his next match, irrespective of whether he comes to the ring after a decade or just few days’. 

Fans are well familiar to the versatile ability of this WWE giant. He had acted in several Hollywood films including the Longest Yard that became one of the biggest blockbuster films at Hollywood. The man might have been staying out of WWE for the last several years yet the superstar always stays updated with the latest happening at wrestling arena. 

The WWE ‘Hall of Famer’ Jim Ross is a very good friend of Goldberg. Often they have open conversation about the WWE Superstar’s prospect of going back to fight one more time. Goldberg still believes that his fighting spirit is still alive. He is just 47 years old guy and in pretty decent shape staying fittest to the core. Who knows may be one day the fans would be surprised to see him back on the ring taking on big names in WWE. If Goldberg wrestles again then this time it would for his son and family as they keep rooting for him to fight again WWE matches. 

Currently, Goldberg is busy doing promotion for his new show Who’s next with Goldberg on The show gives the fans and viewers a chance to ask question directly to this former WWE champion about anything that they wish for. It is expected that this show might help fans to peep into the athlete’s personal life and other side of his lifestyle too. Apart from acting in big Hollywood movies the superstar is well known for his charitable activities. He is also a car fanatic.


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