In times of natural disaster,

Or during wars,

Our Soldiers always and promptly come to our rescue,

From wide and far!


They keep us safe from north to south,

And from east to west,

Our Indian soldiers are great,

Beyond any doubts!


A smile on soldier’s face,

Assures us about the safety,

Of our borders and fence!


We highly respect their valour,

For each time they make our enemy- A Failure.


Fearlessly they fight,

With guns and knives,

To save the nation’s pride and innocent lives.


Irrespective of their own lives’ worry,

Our Jawans keep chanting

Hip, Hip, Hurray!


On this Independence Day,

Let’s get together and pray;

For their constant safety and welfare’


Our bravest soldiers and martyrs

You will forever remain our greatest superstars.