The champion athlete Alberto Del Rio (Alberto Rodriguez) of WWE has been fired from his job due to recent incident that the authority stated to be an ‘unprofessional conduct’. Immediately the four-time world champion Alberto’s contract with the WWE ends. He is reported to be released from the said contract with immediate effect as per the latest statement issued by the WWE officials.

Alberto’s altercation with the Cody Barbierri has cost him the job. Cody is a part of WWE’s social media team. The something that stated as a joke had hit the Former WWE champion below the belt and instantly out of anger he had slapped the WWE’s social media manger. US Media supposed that joke was a racist one and it has heavily fumed the Wrestler.


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Moreover, Cody didn’t apologize to Del Rio for the obnoxious comment or joke that he has made; rather he was smiling at that moment. This has further incited the wrestler to slap his social media manger.

WWE’s stance on the issue is very strict. Once the news broke it, WWE tweeted back with saying that Del Rio is responsible for his own actions. In its follow up tweet WWE urged the fans to be angry at their superstar and not the authority.

Alberto Del Rio is a professional wrestler and his career as a WWE superstar began almost four and half years back. He has been the most vibrant Latino Superstar at the WWE in recent times. Following the sad demise of Eddie Guerrero, the WWE was in constant search for a Latino superstar. Finally the search has come to an end with Alberto’s entry into the WWE way back in 2010.

The finishing move of the superstar is hugely popular among his fans. Many WWE superstars had to concede defeat with the Del Rio’s cross armbreaker submission move. In his Career as a WWE professional wrestler, Alberto’s success has been the phenomenal one. He had successfully fought against the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, Big Show, CM Punk and many others. He had also won the WWE championship for four times in his short career.


It is expected that this talented 37 years old athlete will definitely not be sitting idle for the remaining days of the year. Only the time will tell whether the superstar would begin his fresh career with TNA (the competitor of WWE) or will he go back to Mexico and relax for few days with family and close friends.