Diego maradona and controversy seemed to be inseparable from each other. The illustrious career of this ace footballer has seen many controversies. The short temperament and impulsive nature of the legend are well known to his fans and critics as well. Having been nicknamed as God by the people of Argentina and his fans worldwide, this time the legend has come to spotlight again but for wrong reason altogether.

Diego Maradona Holds a Press Conference In Rome

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The football legend Diego Maradona did the unimaginable and unexpected at Buenos Aeries. The star footballer was attending a family get together at a theatre where it is reported that he has slapped a Press reporter and shared some heated words with him.

Currently the football legend is in the capital Buenos Aires and enjoying some quality time with his family members, friends and relatives. In the said event the former world champion seemed to be little upset with the presence of media personnel. He wanted to stay out of limelight and media but the incident has ended up bringing him back into the headlines again.

Maradona has found himself in a peculiar situation when the press reporters had surrounded him and asked too many controversial questions. It is being reported by the few Argentina based media houses that the player was repeatedly asked about his girlfriend and ex-wife Veronica Ojeda by the journalists as she was present at that event with the footballer and their young son Diego Fernando.

Maradona was definitely trying to avoid the media questions and he swiftly moved towards his car, when he came out of the theatre. He was not interacting with his fans either. As soon as he sat inside the car he has almost threatened to the media ‘not to mess with him’.

It is during this time that one of the reporters has  winked at his ex-wife Ojeda as a gesture. Both Ojeda and Fernando Jr were already seated in the vehicle. Ojeda stated to be staying silent at the time. However this winking of the journo has heavily irked the soccer legend. He immediately got out of his car and hurled few heated words to the reporter and ends up raising his right hand with a powerful slap on his face. The identity of the reporter had yet not been revealed.

Media reports suggest that before slapping the journalist the ace player had called him an idiot and has also warned not to mess with his women.