If you go by the norms, then achieving a doctorate degree or even getting a top academic post would definitely mean that you are one of the members of a group of elites around your vicinity. You would then soon be called a scholar.

Once a person gets the tag of a scholar, it is genuine that he or she must be a learned person, having a vast amount of knowledge. It is this knowledge that is often construed to be wisdom. Knowledge is what you grasp through your extended learning while the wisdom is that enlightening light, which guides you throughout your life.

Knowledge is often misunderstood to be wisdom, but in reality, there needs to be a clear cut demarcation between these two words. Wisdom might not necessarily be reflected upon one’s day to day behavior that knowledge does.

A knowledgeable person can possess wisdom but a scholar may or may not be a university topper or a doctorate for that matter. Wisdom is certainly something that one acquires from not merely books but from real life experiences too.

At a crunchy situation, knowledge may suggest you a valuable solution, but it is the wisdom that will really guide you to get out of such situation in an invincible manner. It must be remembered that wisdom has those enshrined values which could be applied in real life by people only when they have inherently possessed the same.

This can be better illustrated with what the great scientist Albert Einstein has once said ‘Imagination is the greatest wisdom’. The same holds in reality too. Wisdom has some quintessential properties of imagination.

Many scientists are born every year but how many of them could match with the legacies to that of Albert Einstein or even Isaac Newton for that matter? The answer is an emphatic No. Now what is the dividing line between the famous scientists such as Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie or Galileo and the rest?

Yes, you got it right- It is the wisdom backed up by imagination and innovation as well. A real success of a scientist is how he disseminates his scientific knowledge to the masses and does convert the same for the larger welfare of the mankind. While other scientists who quietly work day and night are reluctant to do so.

Knowledge is perfect and rational in itself, as one is well aware that what happens next or what to do next. Wisdom is something that starts afresh. A simple idea could suddenly spark in the grey matter and the rest is history.

Wisdom leads to some kind of confusion in its nascent stage that knowledge doesn’t. Wisdom provides an everlasting solution to a problem when it comes to real life. Wisdom is something that can’t be defined in its absolute terms. Precisely it can be said that ‘Wisdom begins where knowledge ends’.

Whatever you do in life, remember one thing that it is always better to be considered a fool while you exercise your wisdom. Never try to be a real failure in your lifetime by just trying to impress others with your knowledge.

Anyway, words of wisdom are always misunderstood someday, somewhere, sometime by someone!