Bollywood actress Amrita Rao wearing a beautiful saree.

Many a time, people relate fashion with modernity. There is certainly a degree of ambiguity whether fashion actually refers to embracing modernity or rejection of customs or something else? Whatsoever, the reality is fashion gives oneself an opportunity to present her or his persona in a most impeccable manner.

Indian women and Saree have always been a part of India’s age old traditions and culture. The history of sari or saree can be traced back to times immemorial. The sari is quintessentially an Indian wardrobe, pronounced as sati in Sanskrit- which means ‘a strip of cloth’.

This ancient attire is hugely popular all over the world for perfectly demonstrating feminine beauty and class, simply by wearing it. The elegance of sari prevails in the Whole of Indian sub continent including Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan as well. However, the style in which sari is worn by women varies from region to region.

A whole range of exclusive collection of sarees is often launched at the big fashion events in India. There are many famous fashion designers in India and abroad, who work day and night to keep adding newer essence, Creativity and fashion sense to their sari collections.

In the world of fashion, nothing can be more captivating and enchanting then wearing an impeccable designer saree and carrying the same in a perfect manner. The craze of sarees in Bollywood is well known. From classical actress Meena Kumari to girl next door Amrita Rao to sensational Vidya Balan, they all have graced the sarees for various roles and kept this essential Indian outfit to the spotlight.

Definitely this infinite love for sarees by Indian actresses is clearly manifested from time to time. They often don the sarees over other western outfits and it clearly shows that when it comes to fashion, sarees still rule the minds and hearts of Indian women in an irreplaceable manner. This unconditional love for sarees makes it really very very special.

It is no surprising that whether it is Diwali. Dusshera or Holi, Indian women are spotted wearing this classic outfit. In fact saree is a unifying force because from Jammu to Kanyakumari and from Surat to Kolkata, Indian women can be seen wearing sarees, off course with a different style- depending upon the region.

Their love for sarees can be easily found because of the sky rocketing costs of the Indian sarees. Starting from Benarasi of Uttarpradesh , Mysore silk saree of Karnataka, to Baluchori silk of West Bengal, each of them has its own enigma and acceptability. The costs are high because of higher demand of each category of sarees from time to time. The price of sarees usually reaches high costs in festive season, when every woman wants to don the same to exhibit their traditional and cultural values. Even girls of generation-next, many a time wear this traditional outfit just to look classy and feel the aura that it holds . For all time and all climes, Saree is the best attire for women. It suits woman of all ages. Until now, no outfit has been able to replace the elegance of Sarees in India.

The big corporate women barons in India, prefer simple style of fashion, and for that purpose they are spotted wearing this traditional dress – sarees more frequently at various formal and informal events and meetings, that took place in India and abroad.

The magic and enigma of sarees is still continuing in India and worldwide. It is a quintessential element of ‘forever Indianness’ with which sarees are woven, so whereever there is an Indian Woman, sarees will be spotted too.