001The animals and birds are the most wonderful gift that the god has bestowed upon the earth. It is very well-known that the world can’t be imagined without these living beings. More specifically, animals and birds are very important component for the ecosystem. They keep on maintaining ecological balance in the atmosphere which is very important for the humans’ survival.

There are endless examples to denote how the humans have affected other living beings through their actions. No one is arguing against the development but some humane angle to the same can’t be ignored. Every development project or program shall be accompanied with proper care and attitude towards the environment including safety for birds or animals.

The prevailing ecological disturbances as caused due to developmental projects in and around the towns have badly impacted the living of these mute creatures. Even four-five years ago, the witnessing of sparrows on the balcony or garden was common but the scene is completely changed now. The population of sparrows has shrunken down a bit. Witnessing them is very rare phenomenon these days. Definitely something has not gone well for them, otherwise these little and lovely creatures could have been viewed more frequently. The destruction of their nests, polluted atmosphere and their illegal hunting are few reasons behind their disappearances.

How so ever laughable it may sound, but how many wood cutting factories have ever thought of rehabilitating the birds?  While cutting the trees to collect woods and simultaneously destroying their nests too. Also not to forget that many birds get killed during the whole process, but no one pays attention to save them.

Unfortunately there are actually very few people who care for animals, birds and environment. Usually they are viewed as environmentalists and anti-development people. In the larger context they actually preach for sustainable development and not hasty growth which stays for a very shorter duration.

Especially the plight of birds is very appalling, whether it is India or any other country, very rarely one would find a crusader for them. Most of the birds get killed because of their meats. The birds such as hens, sparrows and others are often killed for culinary purposes. Nothing can be done about it, because non vegetarians have a convention of eating birds and animals from longer period of time. Only rigorous campaigns for the protection of birds and animals may increase their awareness on shrinking population of these creatures.

The need of the hour is to make everyone realize the importance of birds and animals for human lives as they help in preserving and maintaining the perfect bio diversity that the nature has provided only to the earth. The campaign must be launched universally for its wider reach and impact.

This is not the only case; there are numerous other real life cases too, that show how the birds face the atrocities of humans. Keeping Parrots and other birds as pets is to be taken seriously; it means that their freedom is curbed down. “A bird is born free, like you and me” so there is no point in keeping them inside cages and providing them with few petty foods.

The zoos and sanctuaries are not good either. Many argue that these are the protective zones but the reality is something else. In the name of welfare of animals and birds, these organizations earn in crores but proportionately very little is done for these innocent creatures. In many cases it has been found that animals are provided with stale foods and medical facilities provided to them were not adequate and timely. In brief it can be said that birds and animals should move freely in the forests, which is originally the nature’s best residence provided to them.

The circus is the world’s worst face of human atrocities against animals. Just for the sake of earning big money, animals are badly tortured here. In some cases, the teeth of lion are broken, a bear is made to ride a smaller cycle or monkeys get beaten. There is definitely an urgent need for a complete ban on circus universally all over the world.

Hunting, illegal poaching and Superstitions are some other reasons that lead to the killing and torturing of these living beings with no mistakes of their own. Both birds and animals have to face the brutalities in the hand of men, since they can neither speak and nor fight back!