Being born as a human being is a wonderful gift of the god. We have got an exemplary ability to talk, understand and use our brains where it matters most. Most importantly we have the ability to think through which we can improve the quality of life of the people around us. We have the special trait to understand the pains of the others & this is definitely the most essential element in our lives.

Both Male and Female are the creation of the nature, no doubt about it. To be honest, there is no difference between the two. What male can do today, the females are equally capable to do the same task. In fact, it is only one’s skill and capability that made a person special – Nothing else. Gender has nothing to do with it. A woman can be a good doctor and a man can be a better home maker too.

When the differences between men and women are made, it is quite laughable that how any person can enter into such meaningless discussion. It’s a 21st century and aim of a person should be to ensure the prosperity of the country. The Nation building is a big task and it requires an equal participation of both men and women to build and develop the nation.

The prosperity of a nation shall be viewed in the same sense that men and women both work for championing the cause of the nation – be it socio-economic, cultural or political. Their ultimate goal is the welfare of the masses. It has been historically proven that a nation develops more where greater participation of both men and women is encouraged and maintained throughout. There is no point in distinguishing between the two. Rather everyone in the society should be given a level playing field & equal opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities on various fronts.

Gender Bias: Simply Irrational

The debate over man’s power and woman’s weakness and vice versa will only throw the country and society into centuries back. In fact there is no rationality and logic behind such baseless thoughts. The need of the hour is to view everyone in equal terms.

A proper harmony is possible only when Gender equality is present and strictly followed. A simple political right can’t guarantee gender equality in the whole society. For example; the political rights for women – to fight elections, to vote at local and national level elections are different from the social realities at which a woman lives. Living a safer, Independent and decent life in the society are more important.  Moreover the political right is restricted for a niche category of women only. But if the administration provides a safer environment to the women to freely move across the country, do whatever one likes, etc. Then it will create a favorable situation for everyone to enjoy their lives and pursue their dreams too.

While discussing Gender Equality, the fact of the matter is a society does not always come forward to champion the cause of needy, deprived and hapless people. There is an utmost need to striking a chord for maintaining social justice, equality, peace, harmony and a cohesive lifestyle in a society to let the citizens witness a prosperous and developed nation in due course of time. It is necessary to remove all the biases and preconceived notions from the mind of individuals and masses alike.

There is no need to view things differently everything should be viewed in a holistic manner. The progress and prosperity of a nation in its proper sense is possible only when people become intellectual enough to distinguish between a good and bad and developed and underdeveloped rather than men and women. The role of both men and women is important for any country to develop socio-economically and stay ahead of times.

The day people change their biased and sexist attitudes and mindset, a stable, peaceful and equitable world shall not remain a distant rational dream for the concerned global citizens!