A Piece Of Peace


All so called great leaders claimed to have brought “Peace” by waging a war against their enemy nations. But the truth of this paradox is something else. Various countries had resorted to war due to their Infinite greed and desire – apart from their unacceptable ambition of establishing their own hegemony all over the world.

Hitler’s over ambition, Benito Mussolini’s Dictatorship and the case of Saddam Husain’s arrogance fall in the same category of “Leaders with Over Ambition” which ultimately results in the downfall of certain states and regimes. Examples are many to illustrate this fact but all of them had brought more or less similar result – miseries to mankind .

Historically Proven, any war or battles have been fought only because of wrong leadership or unlimited desires. It is well known fact even after gaining a part of enemy nation’s land and resources and simultaneously putting many persons in the line of ‘Prisoners of Wars (POW’s)’ the warring nation’s negative desires keep continuing and remained as unfulfilled as ever. The first and second world war is the most astute example to it. Though, Germany was badly defeated in the first world war yet it continued to wage the battle against Allied power in the second world war under the leadership of Adolf Hitler.

Stepping into a Positive Future

Whatever has happened is the past. Nothing more can be done about it, Only Future can be secured in a safe manner. In order to dream of a peaceful world, it is necessary that every person should be able to earn at least a ‘Piece of Peace’. The term earn has special relevance here, it overemphasizes the importance of “peace” and also indicates that even a “piece of peace’ can’t be obtained in this selfish and self-centric world where every person is busy and runs too much after money.

The uttermost truth of life is ‘whoever you are what it matters most is to feel content and satisfied at some point of time in your life. A life in real sense is valueless in absence of peace. It is not something that you can easily grab with your hands, but it can be obtained only with strong determinations, dedications, hard work and much sacrifices.

Money may be an indispensable ingredient in human life but it is not the only decisive factor that ensures decent living. It is well said that ‘Money can buy everything except Peace. For example there are many countries which are rich yet dissatisfied. Similarly developed countries are many but you will rarely find a sustainable developed country that maintains equity and happiness along with the nation’s development and prosperity as well.

A Country may be rich but peace might not be there. Take the case of today’s international arena- every country suffers from one problem or other. Crimes, Corruption, Terrorism, Poverty, Illiteracy and selfish foreign policies are rampant everywhere. Foreign policies are woven around at the cost of another.

As a matter of fact: a “Piece of Peace’ shall never be earned unless People become receptive enough to grab it at whatsoever situation and form it comes. Contentment, satisfaction and happiness are far more important than simply money, wealth and assets.

Many developed countries are still dissatisfied with the way their countries are being run. Despite high GDPs (Gross Domestic products), people living there, are protesting on streets owing to countries’ wrong socio-economic policies. There are a total of around 200 organized nations having membership with the UN (United Nations), of these only a few are satisfied while others are still suffering. The prime reason for this suffering is selfish desire.

The Relevance of Gross National Happiness

Economists take GDP as an indicator for country’s development and growth but it should actually be ‘Peace and Happiness”. Higher GDPs do ensure that Government’s treasury is increasing but it can’t be a true indicator of people’s happiness and contentment.

Bhutan is one such nation which measures the Happiness of its citizens too. Bhutan has officially conceived this idea of measuring happiness level of its citizen and thus discovered the unique concept of ‘Gross National Happiness (GNH)’. In other words, with higher level of GNHs, Bhutan has at least confirmed that it has successfully provided each of its citizens with a “Piece of Peace”.

The Concept of GNH might be just a few years old but it reflects the true picture of a country, No matter how much richer or poor the country is. GNH is measured with a help of a questionnaire which has to be answered by the people who are under consideration through survey or field research as approved by the Government. It is usually done on area wise. Once the survey is over Government announces the actual GNH level of a country and than it started to be accepted as an official record.

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