The immortal principles of Great persons stay as much relevant today as these were in the past. The problem is not about “a certain principle or ideology is right or wrong, it depends upon one’s personal opinion and perspective that how he applies the same in his real life. Some principles are relevant and important for one person but at the same it might be irrelevant for another. The words of great men are neither gospel truth nor can be applied in each situation but certain things that they said are still valid and hold their importance in current days.

The principles of Non-Violence, Truth, Secularism, Mutual Trust and famous Doctrine of Panchasheel are still important in the world of Diplomacy and International Affairs. The concept of Democracy is also an important ideology as far as current days are concerned.

Forced Democracy is something with which a concerned global citizen can’t agree with. No Nation has successfully implemented the democratic norms and values inside its territory wherever external interference involved towards imposition of Democracy. This is not the solution that an external force or nation tries to restore the ‘Democracy or Good Governance’ in a nation at the cost of its internal sovereignty. Ethically the Government of that Country should be requested to view and take cognizance of what’s happening inside his nation.

The same issue can be raised at international platforms also, which may rekindle the Moral passion of the susceptible Nation towards doing the greater welfare of its citizens and other necessary Duties.

A Country only knows that what his real requirements are, how to deal with them and how each of them can be solved accordingly. If the Whole world had become non-violent long time ago, then there would have been no problem but the crux of the situation is ‘A Complete Non-violence is simply a Utopian concept’. No Nation can deny the fact it had gone through a phase of Violence more than once in its history.

War arises mainly due to anger, greed, jealousy and trying to impose the supremacy of one country over another. War results in spending lots of money and efforts which only promote Hatred and Insecurity into the minds of People of warring nations.

Many Countries entered Wars and got nothing. War is actually a mirage of ‘gaining a lot’ but in contrary it actually led to huge losses of lives and money, even if the war had stayed for a shorter duration anywhere in the world.

The concept of ‘peace dividend’ comes alive at this point of time, If the warring nations  mutually agreed to Ceasefire and stoppage of their war then the amount of money invested towards Wars could be used to Teach Poorer Children or towards any other works which are useful for the people, Society and mankind as a whole.

The Negative impacts of communalism are known to worldwide but the major reason for arise of such social menace is the way how people treat one’s religion as superior to the other. A well known saying is that ‘Everyone in the world should treat their religion as a Private affair’. “Definitely following this ideology or principle, world can be assured of Peace and no Religious dispute in the near future.

Humanity is the greatest service during one’s lifetime; it’s just priceless and can’t be valued in terms of money. But the satisfaction it gives is just Priceless. Some say “in the service of man lies the service of God’ The incredible work of Red-cross, UNHRC are just few examples of few People who work day and night towards the service of mankind throughout the world. In other words these humanitarian workers dedicated their lives for the welfare of real needy people.

Thus after analyzing few universal ideologies, principles and concepts it can be stated that all principles need not be viable all the time but at the same time they also can’t be rejected outright considering them to be naive and Utopian.

The Best way to judge whether a certain principle holds validity at current time or not is to be based on the fact that such Principle applied at certain situation is capable of providing the holistic and pragmatic solution right at that moment.