Floating in the universe,

Since time immemorial,

The only unique living planet.

Naturally too wonderful,

In real life Not Blissful!

One loves while others hate.


Getting here birth,

Though brings mirth,

For unlucky child,

World equates to wild!

Being born for reasons wrong,

Only to get hurt,

 Living in filth and dirt!


No one comes to rescue,

Luckier are few,

They see no disgrace,

Considered to be blessed!

Towards money they obsessed,

Observe everything funny.

Down trodden are many,

Not having a single penny,

Life becomes itching for them,

They continue to remain as

A victim of precarious political game!


Bridging the gap of rich and poor,

As enigmatic as a world tour,

Searching for day’s meal,

There struggle continues,

Not even getting paid for their dues.

Toiling day and nigh

They lead the fight!

Rich becomes richer,

Wealthy becomes wealthier,

Since they got money the feather.

Money makes one fly,

Limit is the sky!


Fight of capitalism and communism,

A heavily political agenda,

Dismantle the balance of society’s strata,

Yet Both are part of same political prism!