The Festival Diwali is just a few hours away. Preparations regarding this auspicious festival are going on full swing. Come late October or the early November, the first thing which comes to our minds is “Diwali or Deepawali” in a more sweeter way.

Worship, Meditation, Get-together on this day are all the good things. Fasting surely is an amazing Experience altogether.’


Sweets, Well Wishes, Worship Of Goddess Kaali and Lakshmi Maata and of course Fire Crackers are the norms of the day. These being age-old traditions and still continue even today. Meanwhile, the negative impacts of Fire Crackers on our Environment remain unnoticed.

Enjoying the festival with firecrackers is not bad when kept within a limit but People usually cross the limits. These Days environmentalists started raising questions on the negative impacts of fire crackers or ‘Patakhas‘ as they are more popularly called.

Surely, they add more pollutants to our already highly polluted Environment. Especially, the Dark smoke & Pungent Smells of the firecrackers directly vitiate the atmosphere in and around us.

Fire Crackers once burnt, start emitting various mixture of gases including ‘Carbon Dioxide – extremely harmful to us.

Why Bursting Firecrackers is not right ?

Just imagine how an old man or Heart-Patient feels on hearing the Scary sound of an “Aloo bomb” (Potato Bomb), Surely these fearful sounds of ‘Patakha” frightens them and make them feel uncomfortable. For them, Diwali does not bring Enjoyment ! This must not  to be associated with Gods, Because God never told us to light Firecrackers which might proved to be an uncomfortable for others.

On Diwali, First Priority is to light Candles or Diaas. Series bulbs can also be used for this purposes. ‘Lightening Fire Crackers is the recent addition to it making the festival more interesting and enjoyable.

Children And Youths mainly Enjoy Lighting Firecrackers.Solution is not to  Completely stop lighting Firecrackers but rather maintaining a perfect Balance to let this pious day pass peacefully Without harming others. Also we must stay safe from the injury that patakhas sometimes caused accidentally. Diwali should be an ‘enjoyable’ day for one and all. Why let it be associated with any one’s hardships?

I’m not advocating a complete stoppage of crackers but to use them in a judicious way to let everyone stay happy and Jolly.

Simply lightening Firecrackers and forgetting its impact the very next day after Diwali, should not be done.The plight of our Pet animals such as Cats,Dogs and shall not be forgotten – they feel frightened on hearing the sounds of scary Bombs or Patakhas. But they cant let their feelings being expressed.

Diwali Should be safer, more pleasant , more Blessed, Wiser and More Prosperous.

More Awareness needs to be created regarding the negative impacts of Firecrackers is Must.

If Ever environment friendly patakhas are developed then definitely the harmful effects of patakhas can be easily mitigated. Hope that day is not far….