Over the last few days the news that has grabbed attention of the nation and especially the animal lovers is the fact that about 6 rhinos have been killed in the recent week just ended.

Assam state Government is in complete damage control mood because the damage has already been done. The prime suspects behind killing of Rhinos are the poachers. It is really a heinous crime and also punishable under Indian Penal Code. However no law works, when Poachers do the crime and run away.

As of now, Culprits are yet to be arrested. Meanwhile Opposition Parties in Assam demanding ‘the Safety of Rhinos’ in and around every part of Assam.

A day back AGP (opposition party in Assam) rallied in Assam to prove its solidarity with the animal lovers and environmentalists on this particular issue. Tarun Gogoi the chief minister of Assam has assured the nation that state Government is fully committed towards the Safety of Rhinos and their Habitat in Assam.

Meanwhile Ministry of Environment under the central Government asked for a probe into this matter by a team of Wild life expert.

Assam Government in fear of more criticism demanded a ‘CBI Enquiry’ in this matter too. But he failed in his political gaffe to justify that ‘killing of six Rhinos is much lesser as compared to the total Rhinos who got killed by Poachers during the ruling of AGP (Assam Gano Parishad)’. AGP strongly denied it and asked state government to take this matter more seriously. As per the latest announcement the state Government sought more information from people about the poachers and said anyone providing any information on this matter will be appropriately rewarded too.

Actually when an endangered animal is killed, it is usless to enter into any arguments rather Assurance of Rhino’s safety followed with appropriate action is what the People want to see and expect from the Government.

Meanwhile the scenario in other parts of the world is more distressing and shocking; As per the latest report of International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of critically endangered animal species ‘Last year, 708 rhino were killed worldwide, this year At the current rate of poaching, the number of rhino killed is expected to reach 595 by December, which is still a horrifying figure.’

Every Indian citizen needs to understand that if we want India to set up an exemplary example of ‘being a major bio diversity hub and habitat of other endangered species then we must raise our head and strongly condemned any such incidents where innocent animals being killed and tortured.