Why to fear?
Unknown paths, my dear,
let wings unfurl,
and be ready to travel.
See World’s each marvel,
Collect Travelling memoir-The Richest Pearl.

One can’t remember life’s each footstep,
it’s only the memoirs,
that one can take.
Yes travelling can be relishing and cherishing,
when having people’s good wishes and God’s blessings.

Lots of places to be visited,
at such a short
dont lose the hope,
and keep travelling as much as you can.

North to South,
East to West
do ensure and confirm,
that you meet the best.

Thought of world to be the same!
Only differs in place’s name,
but much diverse are the places,
their cultures and races,
different weathers and Climate,
of their people’s generous behaviours but sometimes painful are their indifferent mindsets.

Go travel the whole world,
and keep your wings unfurl,
whatsoever comes next,
Travelling always happens to be the Best.

Those Cute travelling memories,
wipe out life’s many myseries and agonies.
A memoir of a traveller,
remain afresh and glowing-Forever.