The full form of MBA is well known.. yes you guess it right- MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION.

But today this course is largely viewed as a status symbol rather than a premiere vocational course.The high cost of MBA and a stringent selection procedure have brought a sort of feeling of depression and helplessness among the aspirants of the aforesaid course. The tough entrance tests such as CAT,MAT,XAT and etc are surely adding more pressures in to mind of students and parents.

Thanks to high cost of course fee which already deprives many student to further study this course.

On an estimate any MBA course throughout India costs more than a Lakh and this can be afforded either by rich people or a person ready to take education loan on behalf of their children. This definitely adds to the concern of respective parents but they knowingly remain silent owing to either status symbol or fulfillment of their children’s wish.

Whether it is Mumbai or Agra wherever one wants to study MBA he should be sure of the high cost of the course irrespective of how much brilliant and intellectual he is. Scholarship or reduced course fee for an MBA aspirant is a rare word, more or less the mushrooming of private institutes and universities add more confusion into the scene.

They develop a same type of course and name it as PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma In Management) and now each privately owned institute will try over emphasizing  the USPs of their institute meanwhile the fee they will charge would be more higher.

What more institutes boast of the fact that they have super faculties along with better career oppurtunities or more specifically they use the term 100% placement but very few institute actually realise that 4-5 lakhs for a two years course is very high and infact very few would actully enroll for the course. However nobody understands why specifically the MBA the very demanding course and can be studied by any graduate from any stream is too much cost bearing course? One may argue the placement chances that one gets after completion of the course but initially either the candidate or their parent has to bear the pain.

Secondly education Loan is not the solution. this infact leads to more tension and fear. The lending bank takes all the real or original copies of certificates and degree as  securities and returns to the student only after full payment of the amount of education loan. Also the Loan application procedure is tougher too. 

So the case is clear: The Government is indifferent towards the weaker sections of the society and does rarely care for such MBA aspirants.

The need of the hour is to reduce this too high course fee of an MBA throughout the country and invite more and more student to persue this course and increase their chances of employment at the job market.

As we know “a stitch in time , saves nine” similar should be done in order to remove this gap of MBA-Divide. A candidate with valid MBA degree has more chance of getting a job than as compared to simple graduate. This must be done early and hopefully by reducing the fee of an MBA course we will invite more students to study this course including weaker sections too and this will enhance their job oppurtunities on one hand and will remove india’s unemployment on the other hand.

Surely India will be then Intellectual Capital Of the World.