Remember Jadoo? an alien character of Bollywood superhit film ‘Koi MIl Gaya’ fame. The Hollywood which claims to be the father of the creator of science fiction films was strongly taken aback with the latest research , backed up by Sandeep Ray’s (son of legendary Satyajit Ray) statement in a report that ‘long before Hollywood Blockbuster film ET, it was Satyajit Ray who first initiated the idea of having an alien character  in a film.’

Satyajit Ray named the story as Bonku Babur Bandhu (bonku babu’s friend). It was a short story and got published in satyajit ray’s collection of Bengali short stories”EK Dozen Goppo” ( A Dozen Stories).

This story motivated Ray to furthur develop his idea of having a friendly alien in a film. He supported by legendary science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke also. Both started working on the new project.

Arthur C Clarke wrote a script on Ray,s New project but changed the persona of Timid Bonku Babu into an adventurous little child. Ray named the proposed film as ‘Alien, an International Film’.

The script of the film was then sent to Famous Columbia Pictures (A hollywood Film Distribution Company), who liked the script but the project was delayed due to financial constraints and some other problems as faced by Columbia Pictures at that time.

Satyajit Ray finally called off the project when he saw Steven Speilberg’s ET at Venice Film Festival. Ray was deeply disappointed althouth Clarke and others were still persuing him to go on with his Dream Project.

After the huge success of ET , Satyajit Ray said to Arthur C Clarke and others that “It would be now almost impossible to create another ET”.