i wish if i were a bird

flying high in the sky

roaming here and there

as  free and carefree as ever.

spreading the message of LOVE

Peace, Happiness and Soul

from one part of the world

to another, and people

will see me as an Epitome of Hope.

when Everything goes wrong

people losing hope

being an optimistic bird

i will disseminate the essence of Optimism

and Belief to every person.

I will not content myself

with whatever i will do

as an angelic bird

my journey will go on and on.

i will consider myself luckiest

entrusted with important duty

to be a messanger of GOD-The creator

let every person to keep their HOPE alive.

Rekindling hope and love

among every person

would be my uttermost goal.

I wish if i were a bird

i had wings

not a bird in ordinary sense

but a special creature

and apostle of god

and harbinger of hope and good wishes.

I dont know the teachings of holy books

my wings will help me to see

different realms of life

I could now see various places

needs to spread certain messages:

these messages are not formed by words

nor by any languages or religious thoughts

simple living and spreading love

let others do the same

then world can be equated to heaven.

my role as an angelic bird

will then be cherished forever.